'We tried to steal vaccine research results of new coronavirus,' US government accused China

May 13, 2020 (Wednesday), the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said, 'A hacker related to the Chinese government tried to steal the vaccine research of the new coronavirus in the United States' Blamed.

FBI and CISA Warn Against Chinese Targeting of COVID-19 Research Organizations — FBI

People's Republic of China (PRC) Targeting of COVID-19 Research Organizations — FBI

US accuses China-linked hackers of stealing coronavirus research-Reuters

US accuses Chinese hackers of trying to steal coronavirus vaccine research

Chinese government-related hackers are trying to steal new coronavirus vaccine research in the US as well as intellectual property and other information related to the treatment of the new coronavirus, according to the DHS and FBI.

In a statement jointly issued by the DHS Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency and the FBI, 'FBI targets US organizations conducting new coronavirus-related research by cyber attackers in China. 'A potential hacker's theft of information jeopardizes the provision of safe, effective and efficient treatment options,' said a new coronavirus by Chinese hackers. It warns about the existence of cyber attacks targeting research. The DHS and FBI have alerted medical research institutions to the existence of cyber attacks by Chinese hackers, and urged them to report details of any suspected cyber attacks to them.

Cyber attacks targeting government facilities, medical institutions, research laboratories, and pharmaceutical companies in the United States by China have been reported since the end of April 2020.

It turns out that China is putting a large-scale hack into the research institute of the new coronavirus-GIGAZINE

After that, the DHS and FBI are expected to warn that the Chinese government is trying to steal confidential information on vaccines and therapeutic agents of the new coronavirus using spies and hackers, The New York Times reported. It was As reported, the DHS and FBI warned of the existence of attacks by Chinese hackers.

Cyber crimes stealing information on new coronavirus vaccines and remedies surged, U.S. authorities expected to accuse China by name-GIGAZINE

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman denied all DHS and FBI claims, stating, 'There is no evidence and it is immoral to target China with rumor or slander.'

Such statements from US government agencies are the latest signs of growing tensions between the US and China in the context of the new coronavirus. The Trump administration has blamed the new coronavirus, which first appeared in Wuhan, China, for misleading the world without recognizing its seriousness. Also, Trump administration Secretary of State Mike Pompeo argued that the new coronavirus should be called 'Wuhan virus,' and that China should take responsibility for the new coronavirus.

The existence of cyber attacks targeting research data on new coronaviruses held by US research institutes has been reported so far. However, until now, it was never pointed out that the attack was 'done by a hacker related to the Chinese government.'

As of April 2020, 'Government-related hackers are spying on American companies doing research on new coronaviruses,' Tonya Ugoretz, deputy deputy director of the FBI's cyber department, warned. However, he did not specifically mention which government was involved in this cyber attack. Also in the second week of May 2020, DHS and the British National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) warned that hackers are targeting multiple global healthcare organizations and pharmaceutical companies around the world. I am.

However, the DHS and FBI statements criticize the Chinese government by name. This is not the first time the Chinese government has mobilized hackers to address public health threats. According to cyber security firm FireEye, the Chinese government has faced a surge in cancer incidence and has repeatedly used cyber attacks on cancer research institutions using hackers.

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