The arson damage of the 5G radio tower is frequent, and why did the hoax spread that “5G is spreading the new coronavirus”?

Incidents of 'tower of 5G is a next-generation mobile radio communication system is set on fire' is more in the United Kingdom generated has been. In fact, mainly on social media, erroneous information that `` 5G is expanding the infection of new coronavirus '' is circulating, and why the Verge of IT news media spread such a hoax Is reported.

British 5G towers are being set on fire because of coronavirus conspiracy theories-The Verge

According to telecommunications carrier Vodafone , as of April 4, 2020, there have already been four cases in which a 5G radio tower has been set on fire. Also, among the 5G radio towers owned by the telecommunications carrier EE , one in Birmingham has been set on fire even though it was just installed and not even operating. An EE spokesman said, “The arson tower has provided thousands of people in Birmingham with 2G, 3G, and 4G connectivity for many years. We strive to restore as quickly as possible. But the damage from the fire is enormous. '

As a reason why arson incidents to the 5G radio tower are continuous, it has been reported that rumors that '5G deployment is related to the spread of the new coronavirus' are circulating on SNS such as Facebook and Nextdoor .

One theory states that `` China was the first to deploy 5G in the world, so a new coronavirus occurred in Wuhan. '' `` A highly contagious new coronavirus is spreading naturally in large cities that have access to 5G. '' The Verge points out that `` these conspiracy theories contradict the fact that a new coronavirus epidemic is occurring in Iran and Japan where full-scale deployment of 5G has not yet started '' doing.

According to the British Information and Communications Agency (Ofcom), a self-proclaimed nurse who made a guest appearance on a local FM radio station program in February 2020 said, `` 5G is taking oxygen from people's lungs. '' It is related to the spread of the virus. ' Of course, there is no scientific basis for the claim of a self-proclaimed nurse, but the clipping sound and movie of this radio program seems to have been widely shared on Facebook, and this radio program says `` 5G and new coronavirus in the UK It seems likely that it has sparked the spread of 'entangled hoax'.

Behind the spread of such misinformation was concern that '5G could adversely affect health,' and the British tabloids also complained about the health hazards of 5G. However, expert bodies have already argued that '5G is not a health problem,' and UK regulators have also reported that '5G electromagnetic emissions are much lower than international guidelines.'

Radiation science specialist organization announces opinion on 5G health hazard-gigazine

Still, the spread of conspiracy theories for 5G is unavoidable, and movies that harass workers laying optical fiber cables for opening 5G are available on Facebook. In response, YouTube has announced that it will restrict content that claims 5G is contributing to the spread of the new coronavirus.

YouTube announces that it will limit content that conspires to conspire that 5G is contributing to the spread of the new coronavirus-GIGAZINE

British operators and experts report to Facebook to spread conspiracy theories and encourage the destruction of critical telecommunications infrastructure, but thousands are still 5G when groups are removed It seems that they are appealing for arson to the radio tower. Also, according to The Verge, similar conspiracy theories are spreading not only in the UK but also in the United States, and it is said that the number of talks with 'Roma spread campaign by Russia' is increasing. 'Even though healthcare workers are busy fighting highly contagious viruses, telecommunications carriers and social media need to fight the spread of false information,' said The Verge.

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