The state in which atoms 'bond, separate and recombine' can be captured for the first time in the video


Raphaël Biscaldi

Multiple atoms combine to form a molecule, and when the number and types of atoms that make up the molecule change, the properties of the molecule also change significantly. One of the fundamentals of chemistry, the bonding and separation of atoms, was recorded for the first time in the world.

Watch the first-ever video of individual atoms bonding and breaking

Until now, the process of bonding and separating atoms could not be recorded in video. The reason for this is that the ' chemical bonds ' when atoms bond together occur on a very small scale, about 1 / 500,000 the width of human hair.

However, an international research team has succeeded in capturing the chemical reaction that occurs on this very small scale as an image. The shooting method of the images and the images themselves are published in Science Advances of science journals, and according to this, it is the first time to shoot the 'atomic bonding / separation process' in real time.

According to the research team, two rhenium atoms are confined in a carbon nanotube with a diameter of about 1 to 2 nm ( nanometers ), and the state of bonding and separation of the atoms is photographed here. A transmission electron microscope (TEM), which creates an image by applying an electron beam to the specimen and visualizing it, is used for imaging .

A video of the atomic bonding and separation process was recorded by a research team led by Professor

Andrey Krobistov of the University of Nottingham.

The state of bonding and separation of rhenium atoms in carbon nanotubes can be confirmed in the following images.

Atoms bonding caught on camera-YouTube

The atoms in the red frame are the atoms that repeat bonding and separation.

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