15 things learned by engineers who have been writing on Stack Overflow for 10 years since high school


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Many engineers look at Stack Overflow for how to write programming code and errors that they do not know how to solve, but Matt Bierner who has been writing as a moderator for 10 years since high school at that Stack Overflow, learned from his past experience It lists 'What you need to remember when using Stack Overflow'.

What I've learned over 10 years on Stack Overflow – UWTB

◆ 01: Asking a question is one of the skills
Asking a question seems easy, but choosing a word is important to asking a question that can be answered. Also on Stack Overflow There is an official question guide, but in addition to being written here, you need to consider what information is related to your question and clearly state the problem. By looking at many questions and answers, Bierner himself was able to determine what information was important and what was unnecessary. At first you may ask ignorant questions and you may feel embarrassed later, but it is said that the skills to ask questions can be acquired as you ask questions.



◆ 02: “Bad question” and “Bad question” are different
A single question with a screenshot of the problem and the question 'Why doesn't it work?' Is a bad question. In the world where learning is all about Stack Overflow, those who ask such questions are considered 'neglected to provide information' and 'not interested in learning' and are not worth helping.

On the other hand, a question such as 'How do I remove the blue border from my home page?' Is not a topic of CSS outline, but a question composed of multiple paragraphs that can infer that topic is It is said that it is neither a good question nor a bad question because of the attitude of trying to provide information while not knowing it.

◆ 03: Good questions do not always give answers
Many questions can be answered about general technical questions such as JavaScript and HTML , but it seems that questions about unusual or specialized techniques are often not answered even if they are good questions.



◆ 04: The right answer may not be what you like
Stack Overflow has an evaluation system in which credits are voted for questions and answers, but answers such as `` This is impossible by design '' and answers such as `` This is a bug that needs to be fixed '' are questioners Because it did not lead to the solution of the problem he was seeking, even if the answer was correct, a negative evaluation might be given. However, Bierner seems to feel that the community as a whole is voting objectively.

◆ 05: Many questions are resolved before asking questions
Bierner himself rarely asked questions on Stack Overflow because his job was complex and professional, and it was difficult to make simple and helpful questions to answer on Stack Overflow. That's right. When using a new language or framework, they were asked very rarely, but most of the time they had the same question in the past and said they only looked up.

◆ 06: Observation of questions reveals my development
Bierner is engaged in the development of VS Code , but when observing questions about VS Code on Stack Overflow, it is possible to know how the code that I wrote is actually used Talking. Instead of just answering the question, trying to understand why the questioner ran into the problem could lead to an improvement in his development.


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◆ 07: Questions, bug reports, and requests for additional features are difficult to distinguish
Of the questions that engineers encounter on Stack Overflow, many are bug reports and requests for additional features, but the question titled 'Why does this work with VS Code crashes?' It is difficult to distinguish between a report, a question 'Why does JavaScript IntelliSense not work with VS Code?' Thing. However, ultimately, in all three cases 'being able to work' is the fundamental solution, and that ambiguity can be problematic from a user perspective and a project manager perspective. Is less.

◆ 08: Stack Overflow users are human
Engineers tend to seem rational because they face the PC every day, but engineers are human, and because they are human, there are emotions. For this reason, some people become emotional and leave negative comments. In addition, Bierner is sometimes confidently giving the wrong answer, and when he does, he sometimes makes correction comments.

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◆ 09 : Be kind to beginners
Mr. Bierner seems to see low quality questions for a long time every day, but many of the questioners believe that he is a good beginner. When looking at low-quality questions, they tend to look down and sarcastic, but Bierner always remembers how to get started and thinks how Stack Overflow can be a caring community for beginners. .

◆ 10: sometimes give thanks
Stack Overflow doesn't have much culture to thank, and he remembers automatically removing 'Hi' and 'thank you' from Bierner's post. Certainly, politeness can get in the way when it goes too far, but Bierner says that you don't have to worry too much about efficiency and kill your emotions.


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◆ 11 : I want feedback on the answer
After Bierner's answer on Stack Overflow, he sometimes wonders whether the answer was ultimately useful or what the questioner learned afterwards. Obviously, it is difficult to get feedback after answering, but there is room to consider implementing the feedback function.

◆ 12: Began to be skeptical of the game system of the evaluation system
Even though Bierner has been writing on Stack Overflow for 10 years, he still feels uplifting if he gets a positive rating for the answer. However, under the Stack Overflow rating system, the problem is that some respondents are trying to maximize the score they get, not the actual value of the answer.


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◆ 13 : Evaluation indicates the magnitude of influence
Bierner does not tie credibility to high technology or deep understanding of Stack Overflow, but rather to see it as a number that indicates the degree of influence. When comparing technical questions that are commonly used with complex and specialized questions, it is remarkable that the former earns more credit than others, saying that 'the number of people who refer to The credibility that is given does not represent a true rating, 'says Bierner.

◆ 14: It is difficult to increase productivity without Stack Overflow
Stack Overflow is a great tool, and as essential as a search engine. Some say that referencing such a knowledge base is a disqualification for an engineer, but Bierner says he should use what he finds, and more importantly, use his thinking.

by Nathan Dumlao

◆ 15: Stack Overflow is a miracle community
Stack Overflow allows anyone to post questions, regardless of personal background or technology, such as nationality or gender. The appearance of a completely red stranger taking such time to answer such a question without asking for a reward is just like a miracle. Not taking Stack Overflow for granted, `` I want to understand that small actions, such as helping newcomers in the community, can have a positive effect on Stack Overflow, and we are a collection of small individuals. '' Says Bierner.

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