GIGAZINE Articles & YouTube Top 10 Rankings 2019

First of all, articles that were created and published in 2019 and that were accessed frequently were ranked from 10th to 1st. Based on Google Analytics measurements.

◆ 10th place: A man who registered “NULL” on the car license plate will be charged a huge amount of fines for parking violation-GIGAZINE

◆ 9th place: Expressing that the creator of the dog breed Labrador regrets that “it has created a monster”-GIGAZINE

# 8th: A 14-year-old girl developed a system to eliminate car blind spots and reduce traffic accidents, evaluation as 'simple but elegant'-GIGAZINE

◆ 7th place: It turned out that the popular chat application was actually a government surveillance tool, as a spy tool `` genius '' and expert-gigazine

◆ 6th: Why is the free upgrade campaign to Windows 10 still ongoing? -GIGAZINE

# 5th place: Gundam stone statues are found in Indonesia by all means, are locals testifying that they are hundreds of years old-GIGAZINE

◆ 4th place: Continued ・ Will one person suddenly destroy his building with an excavator one day, but will it not result in “building damage”? -GIGAZINE

◆ 3rd place: Isn't a company that suddenly destroys another person's building with an excavator one day an 'anti-social force'? -GIGAZINE

◆ 2nd place: 'DeepNude' that makes women's photos naked with one click appears-GIGAZINE

◆ 1st place: If someone suddenly destroys your building with an excavator one day, does it not result in “building damage”? -GIGAZINE

Next, among the videos uploaded to GIGAZINE's YouTube official account, the top 10 'number of impressions' of YouTube Analytics, focusing on videos released in 2019.

◆ 10th: Sotetsu / JR direct line Rail fastening type Rail crossing by rail motor car-YouTube

◆ 9th place: Enjoying high-speed mechanical combat with “DAEMON X MACHINA (Demon Ex Mackina)” looks like this-YouTube

◆ 8th place: 'Sandy's maze house / 3D MAZE HOUSE' that reproduced 3D dungeon with Nintendo Switch 'Super Mario Maker 2'-YouTube

◆ 7th place: Moving around the field outside the city with 'Death Stranding' looks like this-YouTube

◆ 6th place: [FAVRIC 2019] Live production unique to virtual @ Kaede Higuchi-YouTube

◆ 5th place: I tried playing two people against the game `` Samurai Stone '' which arranges super powerful magnets so that they do not stick together-YouTube

◆ 4th place: A unique game machine “Playdate” that plays by turning the steering wheel like this-YouTube

◆ 3rd place: High-Grade Electronic Toy After activating Elysium Data and activating the starburst stream-YouTube

◆ 2nd place: [FAVRIC 2019] Live production unique to virtual @ idol department-YouTube

◆ 1st place: Switch version “Zelda's Legend Dreaming Island” at the tool shop of the link that did not pay money-YouTube

In addition, articles will be updated from January 1 in 2020, so if you follow GIGAZINE's official Twitter / Facebook account, you will be notified every time it is updated and you can check the latest article immediately so it is recommended .

So thank you again next year.

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