Research results that left-handed people are `` excellent in fighting ability ''



Of the left and right hands, the 'left-handed' who has the dexterity and athletic ability is the left-handed, which is about 10% of the total population, a minority compared to the right-handed. Meanwhile, as a 'merit of left-handed', research results were announced that ' left-handed people are excellent in combat ability '.

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According to research on weapons and tools excavated from archeological sites, the ratio of human dominant hands has not changed significantly from the state of 'about 90% right-handed and about 10% left-handed' for about 5,000 years, It has been shown that left-handedness is a combination of environmental and genetic factors . But we don't know about the 'left-handed advantage' that explains 'why left-handedness exists'. Meanwhile, in 1996, a hypothesis was proposed that 'left-handed people may have superior fighting abilities.'

The basic logic of this hypothesis is that `` right-handed people have little experience with left-handed people, but left-handed people have a lot of experience with right-handed people, so left-handed people are good at fighting '' . If this logic is correct, left-handed people with good fighting abilities are more likely to survive, so the percentage of left-handed people may gradually increase. However, this hypothesis states that 'many weapons and tools are for right-handed people, and left-handed people use' right-handed weapons / tools ', which increases the injury rate. Therefore, the ratio of left-handed people stabilizes at 10%.' Is explained.


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Thomas Richardson and Tucker Gilman of the University of Manchester's School of Global Environmental Science tested the hypothesis. They studied the 'left-handed rate' of more than 13,800 male professional boxers, 1314 female professional boxers, and 2,100 professional mixed martial artists. As a result, it turned out that about 17% of male professional boxers, about 12.5% of female professional boxers, and 18.7% of professional mixed martial artists were left-handed. They state that the proportion of left-handed professional martial artists is statistically significantly higher than the typical rate of 10%.

Also, by investigating the match results, they found that 'left-handed professional fighters have a high win rate.' Studies show that left-handed male professional boxers have a win rate of 52.4%, left-handed female professional boxers have a win rate of 54.5%, and left-handed professional mixed martial artists have a win rate of 53.5%. The two commented, 'The winning rate of left-handed professional fighters is statistically significantly higher.'

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`` This study shows that left-handed people not only account for a larger percentage of professional fighters, but also have a higher win rate, '' said Psychology Today , a scientific media report on the study. This suggests that superiority in combat may be one of the 'reasons for left-handedness'. '

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