The Indian government officially approves the landing ship crash of the moon explorer Chandrayan 2



The Indian government officially acknowledged that the lunar lander onboard the lunar explorer “ Chandrayan 2 ” failed to land on the moon and was destroyed.

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The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) launched the GSLV-Mk III-M1 rocket carrying Chandrayan 2 on July 22, 2019. Rocket, launch discovered a bug on July 15, initially launch had been scheduled to be postponed trouble but was hit in, then launch brilliantly successful. On August 20, we started a mission in the moon orbit.

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Chandrayan 2 consists of an orbiter that conducts exploration from the lunar orbit, a lander “Bikram”, and an exploration rover “Pragian”. I was disconnected. However, communication ended when Bikram reached a point about 2km from the moon on September 7. On September 8, the orbiter's camera caught a Bikram that was close to the planned landing point, so an attempt was made to restore communication.

More than two months later, on November 20th, the minister in charge of space development, Zendora Singh, submitted to the Indian Parliament Roque Subur (PDF file), a report says `` Bikram is within 500m from the designated landing site. I made a hard landing , ”and admitted that Bikram crashed. This is the first time that the Indian government has officially acknowledged that it failed to land on the moon.

According to the report, Bikram started descent from 30 to 7.4 km from the moon and reduced the speed from 1683 meters per second to 146 meters per second in the first phase, but designed in the second phase of landing He crashed on the moon at a speed exceeding the intensity. Due to the impact, Bikram and the exploration rover are believed to have been destroyed. The report does not reveal why the deceleration was not enough, but there are reports that there may be a malfunction of the thruster for deceleration.

In his report, Shin said, “Most of the processes were successful, such as launching, maneuvering in orbit, landing ship separation, reverse injection, rough deceleration in the first phase. All of the devices are functioning normally and bring valuable scientific data, ”he said. He said he would focus on an orbiter study that would observe the moon from orbit in the future.

In addition, according to information obtained by the Indian big letter The Times of India , ISRO has already started developing Chandrayan 3, the successor to Chandrayan 2, and as early as November 2020, 2 It is said that it is expected to come out with a second challenge.

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