A woman who has recorded TV news programs on over 70,000 videotapes for over 30 years

A large amount of news programs are broadcast on TV every day, but women who lived

in Philadelphia , USA have been recording TV news programs 24 hours a day for over 30 years, and actually 70,000 valuable beta tapes And left VHS tape .

'Recorder': Meet The Woman Who Recorded 70,000 Tapes Of American News | Here & Now

Marion Stokes , a former communist activist who died in 2012, is known as a woman who has continued to record news broadcasters such as CNN , FOX News , MSNBC , and other news programs for more than 30 years, 24 hours a day It is. The total number of tapes left by Stokes has risen to 70,000, and these tapes are recognized as a treasure trove of valuable historical materials that recorded news programs in the United States in recent years.

Stokes' tapes were picked up by mass web archives and Internet archives that store media materials. Stokes' secret work is featured in Matt Wolf ’s documentary film “ RECORDER: The Marion Stokes Project ” and a trailer is available on YouTube.

RECORDER: The Marion Stokes Project-official US trailer-YouTube

Stokes sets the tape on an old recorder.

The TV news program is being recorded. The screen shows a caster reporting the

Iranian American Embassy hostage incident that occurred in November 1979, and the “DAY 1” telop appears. It seems that this is the event that Stokes started recording news programs, seeing the story told in the news gradually changing with time, starting the activity to record the broadcasted news and leave it for future generations That was.

There are so many broadcast news programs recorded ...

Includes sumo news.

Back view of Stokes who keeps recording to be driven by something.

Stokes has been recording news programs for 30 years, leaving 70,000 tapes.

On the other hand, I don't know much about Stokes' personal information.

Certainly he had a great attachment to recording news, such as having as many as nine facilities and three storage units to store large amounts of tape. Stokes also subscribed to 11 newspapers every day and continued to store them.

Stokes, a former communist activist, appeared on TV debate programs when he was young. However, to give priority to his own privacy, he has left the front line as an activist since the 1960s, and after that he did not appear on the stage.

Wolf has interviewed Stokes 'son, Michael Metelits, and Stokes' secretary, Frank Hileman, during the documentary production.

Director Wolf was also interested in the fact that Stokes was an unprecedented 'recorder' and had a very unique foresight and family story.

Mr. Stokes, who is arguing with the TV program, is arguing ...

It may have been subject to FBI investigation.

Stokes was obsessed with his own project, and in his lifetime he wasn't exposed to outsiders at all about the epic project of recording a large number of news programs 24 hours a day. He also carefully purchased the tape, and he said that he hid it in the apartment where he lived so that the tape was not visible to visitors.

Even for TV stations, it's difficult to keep all the archives, and Wolf pointed out that when Stokes started recording, the TV stations had already destroyed a large number of archives.

In addition, the records left by Stokes include not only news program recordings, but also announcements about commercials and public services between them, talk shows where guests appear, and comedy programs. Wolf says that these records give insight into various cultures and history.

“RECORDER: The Marion Stokes Project” has been screened at American film festivals, but its release in Japan is undecided.

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