Researchers argue that 'the father should refrain from drinking alcohol for half a year before the child is made', and the research also has a skeptical view



The claim that “mother should not drink alcohol during pregnancy” is widely accepted, but the influence of fathers who do not raise their fetus directly in the body is often overlooked. Therefore, a Chinese research team investigated the effects of alcohol drinking by parents on congenital heart disease in the fetus, and argued that 'fathers should not drink alcohol for 6 months before the birth of a baby.'

Parental alcohol consumption and the risk of congenital heart diseases in offspring: An updated systematic review and meta-analysis

Fathers-to-be should avoid alcohol six months before conception: Parental alcohol consumption linked to raised risk of congenital heart disease-ScienceDaily

Researchers completely made up claim about men's drinking before conception | Ars Technica

Congenital heart disease refers to a condition that has some abnormality in the heart or large blood vessels at birth, and is known as the most common congenital disease. About 1% of all babies have some form of congenital heart disease, and even after surgical treatment, they are more likely to develop cardiovascular disease after adulthood That's right.

A research team at

Nannan University noted that nearly 20% of patients with fetal alcohol syndrome (FASD) , whose prenatal alcohol intake causes intellectual impairment in the fetus, have congenital heart disease. We investigated that alcohol consumption was also related to congenital heart disease.

The research team used research data published between 1991 and 2019 to investigate whether parents' alcohol consumption increases the risk of congenital heart disease in a meta-analysis . The data used were collected from 55 studies and included 41,747 parents who had congenital heart disease and 297,588 children who did not have congenital heart disease.


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As a result of the analysis, the research team found that the increase in alcohol consumption before and after pregnancy increased the likelihood that the child will suffer from congenital heart disease. Alcohol consumption by not only mother but also father was related to congenital heart disease, and if mother drinks 3 months before pregnancy and 3 months after pregnancy, the risk of congenital heart disease increased by 16% If the father drinks alcohol, the risk of congenital heart disease increased by 44%. It is unclear whether there was an increase or decrease in risk depending on whether alcohol consumption was before or after pregnancy. In addition, as a specific disease, there was a correlation that the risk of developing tetralogy of Fallot was increased by about 20% due to maternal drinking.

The research team pointed out that the results of this study show that there was a correlation when observing the data to the last, not a proof of the causal relationship. Dr. Jiabi Qin of the research team said, “The mechanism of linking parental drinking and congenital heart disease is uncertain, and further research is needed.” Insist that you should refrain from drinking for years.


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The opinion of this research result is also skeptical, and Ars Technica from overseas media said, `` The claim that fathers should refrain from drinking 6 months before making children is an unsupported researcher It ’s a personal opinion. ” The study did not state whether refraining from drinking before actually making a child reduced the risk of congenital heart disease, and among the 55 studies used in the meta-analysis, the amount consumed by the father was investigated. He said that there were only 24 cases.

In the following graph created by the research team, the vertical axis represents the risk of congenital heart disease, and the horizontal axis represents alcohol consumption per day in grams. The left (a) shows the risk of congenital heart disease caused by mother's alcohol consumption, and the right (b) shows the father's alcohol consumption. The distribution of numerical values is different in each graph. It seems that if the father's alcohol intake exceeds 100 g per day, the child's risk of congenital heart disease increases, but the rate of increase is rather moderate, and the alcohol intake of 500 g per day on the right end of the graph is the father himself Ars Technica pointed out that even the life of her was drunk at a level that would endanger her. The claim that alcohol consumption by men increases the risk of congenital heart disease in children by 44% should also be noted that alcohol consumption can be quite high.

In view of the above, Ars Technica argues that further research is needed to clarify that father's drinking increases the risk of congenital heart disease. In addition, Dr. Qin's assertion that “the father should refrain from drinking six months before the child is born and the mother should refrain from drinking one year ago” also indicated that it was still too early to make public health recommendations.

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