Production of live-action version `` Cowboy Bebop '' started, Welsh Corgi Ein is responsible for real dogs instead of CG

It is announced in the movie that production of a live-action drama version of the TV anime “ Cowboy Bebop ”, which was broadcast in 1998 and is highly regarded not only in Japan but also overseas, has finally begun. In addition to the main cast playing the main character's spikes and jets, there will also be a real Corgi dog playing Ein.

Cowboy Bebop | Behind the Scenes | Netflix-YouTube

The studio is busy preparing the set

And the camera goes into the building. You can hear a sound like a dog breathing sound.

The meeting room where the actors of the live-action version “Cowboy Bebop” wait was shown.

John Choe as Spike Spiegel and Mustafa Shaquille as Jet Black

Alex Hassel as Vicious and Daniela Pineda as Fay Valentine

A Corgi dog licks the water poured on the plate labeled “Ain”. All the cameras so far seem to have been the eyes of a Corgi dog who is Ein.

Cho gave a ball-point pen to the Corgi dog, “Would you like to use this?”, And “Please give us some coffee,” Pineda said.

'Cowboy bebop is under construction'

According to a 2018 Netflix press release , one of the main characters, Ed, will appear in the live-action drama version as well as the TV animation version, but at the time of writing the article, Ed's cast has not yet been announced. The live-action version of the cowboy bebop is scheduled for 10 episodes, the director of episode 1 and 2 is Alex Garcia Lopez who worked on the drama version `` The Witcher '', the script is `` Mighty So Battle Royale '' Christopher Jost will serve.

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