Inside the new `` Yanmar Museum '' where you can experience excavator operation, virtual agriculture, bouldering is like this

Yanmar, who developed the world's smallest air-cooled diesel engine, is famous for “

Yangbo Mabo Weather Forecast ” in addition to agricultural machinery and construction machinery. The Yanmar Museum , established by Yanmar in 2013, has been renewed as a challenge museum where you can experience virtual farming and fishing, and experience simulators for pleasure boats and construction machinery. It is said that the design of Yangbo Mabo has also been renewed, so I have carefully examined what the museum can do and what the new Yangbo Mabo looks like.

Yanmar Museum

You can read how to get to the Yanmar Museum from the following article.

I went to the renewed `` Yanmar Museum '' where you can play and experience Yanmar's engines and construction machines-GIGAZINE

Immediately after entering the Yanmar Museum, I found an entrance next to the reception.

Next to the entrance was explaining how to use the 'Yanmar Card' received at the entrance. With this card, you can collect points when you play attractions and games in the challenge area. The rank changes according to the accumulated points, and the price of shops and restaurants will be discounted depending on the rank.

You will immediately enter the challenge area.

First of all, we watch the video at the Challenge Theater, and here are the new Yanbo and Mabo. It was completely renewed from retro 2D animation and became 3DCG.

Before the renewal, the video content of the diesel engine was played in this theater, and it

was possible to feel as if it was in the engine, but after the renewal, the founder Son Yoshikazu Yamaoka An animation depicting the life and spirit of challenge will be screened.

What do you want to tell most about the Yanmar Museum during the renewal? As a result, he came to the conclusion that 'Sankichi Yamaoka's challenge DNA' and 'Yanmar's history and future'. When the story of Sonokichi Yamaoka, who made a small diesel engine while making many mistakes, went to Osaka alone from the country ...

The theater opens right and left ...

A challenge area will appear. By renewal, athletics and bouldering are newly established, and game elements are also used abundantly, making it more enjoyable for children.

The movie actually walking around the challenge area can be confirmed from the following.

I walked around the challenge area of `` Yanmar Museum ''-YouTube

Three panels stand like this at the challenge area entrance.

First, register a Yanmar card here. If you hold the QR code on the card over the camera and register a nickname, your achievements will be ranked in all challenges.

The results of the challenge will be displayed on the display in the middle of the area.

First of all, I will challenge 'Wake Surfing Boat Race' lined up next to the cruiser. This means that you can experience the operation of a pleasure boat.

If you place the QR code side of the card on the game table, your nickname will be read.

The game is not linked to the cruiser next door, but it feels like a racing game, and when you move the handle, the chair shakes and the wind blows from the front, and it feels like you are on a ship I felt it. When you clear the game, the points accumulate directly on the card. All the games in the challenge area are like this and you can collect points using cards.

You can check the state of playing the wakesurfing boat race from the following.

Yanmar Museum's `` Wake Surfing Boat Race ''-YouTube

I couldn't get on the cruiser, but the inside was like this.

Bouldering space called “Sustainable Energy Climbing” has a strong presence in the challenge area. This can be experienced by elementary school students and older.

With this kind of feeling, the difficulty of the course changes depending on the color of the protrusions with colorful protrusions on the walls.

Go to the goal by pressing the glowing button in the red frame. Press this button to light up the city.

Among the bouldering structures, there is the “Power Excavator Challenge” where you can experience excavator operation.

Inside is like this. There is also a place for holding a Yanmar card next to the excavator.

This is how the excavator is actually experienced.

Colorful balls are spread in the holes in the ground, and these balls are transferred.

You can check the movie from the following.

The Yanmar Museum `` Power Excavator Challenge '' looks something like this-YouTube

Going further, we found a game next to Yanmar's foil tractor.

This is a game 'Tagayase Field' where you can experience farming. It is a game that hits the ground according to the screen in the manner of a rhythm game.

The state of playing the field is from the following.

Playing the Yanmar Museum `` Tagayase Field ''-YouTube

Next, the “Rhythm Engine”, which uses the whole body to move the engine, is a game that is operated by gestures like Kinect.

When I actually played it, it was necessary to move my hands and bend my knees considerably, and it was inevitable to breathe when an adult with insufficient exercise. The first one was slow, but the speed increased, so it was quite a momentum. It is an image that a small-body child can easily do.

You can check the state of playing the game from the following.

Yanmar Museum's `` rhythm engine ''-YouTube

The following, like an aquarium, is “My Fish My Ocean” where you can have a “sustainable fishing experience”. A game where you can experience aquaculture.

A touch panel operation screen and a microphone are placed in front of the chair, and the fish is called by voice or the fish is pulled by the net using the touch panel.

There were a lot of machines like this in the challenge area.

With a handle under the screen.

This is to learn the process of how rice is milled and actually turn the handle to experience a virtual rice milling experience.

When I desperately turned the handle, I could finish rice for 38 cups of tea.

There is also a “Kids Energy Athletic” that can be enjoyed by children with extra power. There are two courses for preschoolers and those at school.

Inside the athletic is like this.

This was also a popular corner for children.

Going further, we found a soccer game corner called “Football Challenge”.

Yanmar is the main sponsor of “Cerezo Osaka”, a professional soccer club based in Sakai City, Osaka.

After the renewal, you can actually play a soccer game using the ball.

Before the renewal, heavy machinery such as hydraulic excavators and bulldozers, agricultural machinery, engines, etc. were placed in narrow spaces, and there was also a commentary section on the detailed technology of the engine. It is an impression that came to come. Furthermore, the exhibition continued to the second floor, so I went up the stairs.

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