Facebook's database was released online and personal information of over 400 million people turned out to have leaked


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A database containing over 400 million personal information, including Facebook user names and phone numbers, was revealed online and leaked. Although the database containing personal information was deleted at the time of article creation, it was not protected by passwords etc. before deletion, so it was said that anyone could view it online.

A huge database of Facebook users' phone numbers found online | TechCrunch

Hundreds of Millions of Facebook Users Phone Numbers Exposed

TechCrunch, a technical news media, announced on September 5, 2019 that it has been discovered that the personal information of many Facebook users has been published as a database online. The database includes more than 419 million items worldwide, including 133 million personal information for American users, 18 million personal information for British users, and 50 million personal information for Vietnamese users. It was said that personal information of users was included.

Facebook also found that in April 2019, 'more than 500 million Facebook user information was published on the cloud server in a state where anyone can access it', which is a problem.

It turned out that more than 500 million Facebook user information was released on the cloud server in a state where anyone can access-GIGAZINE

According to Sanyam Jain, a security researcher who provided information to TechCrunch about the matter, the owner of the database could not be determined. In addition, the database is not protected by passwords, and it seems that the contents can be easily browsed. Jain testified that he actually found personal information of several celebrities in the database.

The following image is a screenshot of the database actually confirmed by TechCrunch. Among the phone numbers enclosed in a red frame, “44” is the UK country code, and “7” means a mobile phone. In addition, below the phone number, you can also see the date of birth, gender, address and name.

Facebook spokesman Jay Nankalow told TechCrunch: `` Because the dataset is old, it seems to have been acquired before Facebook removed the user search function by phone number in 2018. '' I said.

Facebook has discovered that 87 million personal information leaked in 2018. In response, Facebook's Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Mike Schlefer decided in April 2018 that `` to eliminate the ability to search for users by phone number, which caused the leak '' Was announced .

According to a telephone interview conducted by Facebook of technical news media GIZMODO , Facebook claims that `` the actual number of leaked personal information is about half of the number of databases because many of the databases are duplicated '' That. However, the basis for the claim and the number of personal information actually leaked are not disclosed.

In addition, it is said that the database discovered this time can no longer be browsed, but TechCrunch security reporter Zack Whittaker said, `` The mystery of who, when and how the data was acquired remained. ”And pointed out the problem that the background of the leak of enormous personal information remains unknown.

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