Six people arrested for `` e-sports eight hundred '', maximum possibility of ten years imprisonment



An Australian Victorian police has announced that six people have been arrested on suspicion of “e-sports match fixing ”. There is a possibility that up to 10 years of imprisonment can be imposed on 6 people.

Six people arrested re esports investigation

Six people arrested over alleged match fixing |

Match Fixing is 'intentionally adjusting the match outcome'. The eighty-eight game this time was aimed at gambling aimed at winning or losing the FPS game `` Counter-Strike: Global Offensive '', which is also popular as an e-sports. It seems that he wanted to bet since he went. Five games were affected by the eighty-five, and more than 20 bets were affected.



The Victorian Police Sports Department and Criminal Investigation Department obtained warrants and arrested four 20-year-old, 20-year-old, 22-year-old and 19-year-old males living in Melbourne and two 20-year-old males living in Mount Eliza Did. Six people are believed to be prosecuted for `` the act of manipulating the outcome of the event or the betting result obtained from the event '' or `` the act of using fraudulent information for the purpose of betting '', up to 10 years imprisonment There is a possibility that will be imposed.

Victoria Police Deputy General Manager Neil Patterson said, “The first criminal investigation related to the esports industry is in Victoria”, “Esports is an emerging sports industry, and the demand for betting on the outcome of the game will increase. This case shows that the police are serious about crimes related to esports.To deal with crimes related to esports, not only the police but also other law enforcement agencies and gambling It is important to cooperate with industry. ”

By Florian Olivo

One of the largest esports cases related to e-sports is the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional team “iBUYPOWER” and “” in 2015. The two teams were then known as strong players in the North American region, but they did an esoteric act in online competitions to make money on online betting sites. The incident that came to light by whistleblowing became known to Valve, which sold Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and hosted the official tournament, and involved players were sentenced to permanent ban from the official tournament hosted by Valve. It was. This case was not treated as a crime.

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