Why do dogs move around as they meet?

Some of the dog owners may have noticed that when they encounter another dog while taking a walk, they may pass each other while walking in an arc to each other. Martha Knowles, who studies dog communication and body language, calls this characteristic movement 'banana walk' because its trajectory becomes a curve like a banana. According to Knowles, dogs aren't just 'walking bananas' because they just want to be away, but they have a special meaning.

Curving-Dog Body Language-Silent Conversations

It has been talked that some people are walking straight in a crowded area such as a station , but according to Knowles, such behavior can also be seen in dogs, and for dogs it is 'hostile That's a message. On the other hand, walking along a curved banana while letting the body bend in and out means 'polite greetings' for dogs.

After dogs meet each other and walk on bananas, they may pass each other as they are, or they may smell each other to establish a more intimate relationship. In addition, it is said that walking bananas is also effective between dogs and humans, so if you want to approach a dog without being scared, it is good to move in a curve, as it may be loose.

The following movie will give you a quick idea of what a dog thinks of 'walking bananas'.

Walk in a curve towards the dog-YouTube

The movie is divided into four parts, the upper left is the image seen from above the dog, the upper right is the dog, the lower left is the image seen from the front of the dog, and the lower right is the heart rate of the dog.

The movie starts and a man dressed in black comes in front of the dog. My heart rate is 79. The adult dog's heart rate is normal for small dogs 60 to 80 times and for large dogs 40 to 50 times , so the movie dog has a heart rate similar to a small dog despite being a medium-sized dog. It can be seen that you are quite excited.

When the men started to move in an interesting way, the dog stared at the situation, but the heart rate dropped to 74, probably because the men were moving with a large curve.

Then, at the moment when the dog and man passed each other, the heart rate marked the lowest value. It may be a moment when you feel relieved from the perspective of a dog.

In addition to walking on bananas, Knowles is also introducing messages that can be seen from the various gestures and expressions of dogs.

◆ Eye of eyebrow
Eyes that make the white eyes look large when you look over or look sideways are particularly called 'eye of the eye', and they seem to represent 'anxiety and fear.'

◆ narrow your eyes
For dogs, staring straight is a clear statement of hostility. On the contrary, the act of narrowing or looking away means 'no hostility' or 'relief'. Also, there are times when you blink slowly. In any case, avoiding direct sight in some way is a sign of favor and relaxation.

◆ Staring
As mentioned above, looking straight is hostile, but if you go one step further and stare, it includes the implications of warnings and threats. Furthermore, depending on the situation, it may develop into an attack such as biting if you are flipping over the lips to show the fangs or stiffen the body.

◆ Raise your forefoot
Poses like raising your forefoot or stepping forward represent lostness or anxiety.

◆ lick your mouth
It is understood that there is a calming effect for the dog to unconsciously lick her mouth, which causes discomfort and some discomfort.

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