Free font 'Ugly Gerry' shaped to embody 'political distortion'

In the US elections, there is a method called '

Gerimanda ' that divides constituencies in favor of specific candidates and political parties. A free font ' Ugly Gerry ' has appeared that alphabetizes the shape of 'a confusing constituency' that has been born in such a gerry mandar.

Ugly Gerry

The background on which this font was created is the presence of 'Geri Mander'. The following is an example of Geri Mander, where red circles and blue circles show the votes of the respective parties (red and blue), and the upper left, upper right, lower left and lower right squares represent constituencies. The Red Party and the Blue Party have eight votes in every constituency, and the Red Party and the Blue Party's election result in four draws.

Suppose that these four constituencies are divided again into irregular shapes as shown in the following figure. Then, in the upper left constituency zone, 'the blue party wins' with 7 red votes and 9 blue votes, and in the upper right constituency with '6 blue votes and 10 blue votes,' the blue party wins ', lower left constituency Then the red vote is 14 votes, the blue party is 2 votes, 'the red party wins', and in the lower right constituency zone, the red party is 6 votes, the blue party is 10 votes, 'the blue party wins', and the red party wins the election One ward, three constituencies won by the QC, and the four draws before the assignment change the outcome. In this way, 'how to divide the constituency' affects the election result itself.

An example of an actual American gerry mandarin below is the green area, which is the

Lower House of North Carolina between the years 2003-2016, 12 districts of North Carolina . The constituency is set to be the majority of African Americans who vote for the Democratic Party.

This is the

lower house in Illinois called the 'earmuff.' Two oddly shaped areas are barely connected by Interstate 294 to form a single constituency. In this constituency, areas with many Hispanic Americans are connected.

The alphabet font that makes use of the shape of the constituency born in the above gerry manda is 'Ugly Gerry'. Ugly Gerry's top page looks like this.

Each alphabet of Ugly Gerry is composed of American House of Representatives constituency of distinctive shape by Geri Mander. Ugly Gerry's 'A' is a combination of

California's 3rd District and Texas's 35th District .

'B' is

from District 12 in Ohio and District 7 in Ohio .

Even the 'Q' in the 12 wards of Texas has a slight sense of force.

You can also tweet using Ugly Gerry. Entering an alphabet in the input field at the bottom of the top page automatically applies the Ugly Gerry font to the text. Click “TWEET IT” at the bottom right to tweet.

As you are asked for access to location information, click 'Don't allow'.

Click 'Settings' to allow Twitter popups, then 'Allow popups by this site ('.

Click 'Tweet' to complete the tweet.

The actual tweets are as follows.

Uglu Gerry font is freely available for download from the icon at the bottom left of the official page.

The alphabet by Ugly Gerry has an ugly shape, but this ugliness represents 'political distortion' in the United States. Ugly Gerry has been created to criticize American political distortions, and the official Twitter “uses this font to tell Congress how happy it is to make a vote worthless. Please tweet. '

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