The Super Mario Maker 2 completed 'The Worst 1 Remake of All Time' and made it a big win for net people

Super Mario Maker 2 ”, in which you can create Mario courses with your own hands and enjoy courses created by users around the world, has been submitted by over 2 million courses from users around the world in less than two weeks from its launch You are Meanwhile, YouTuber YTSunny, who posted game-related movies, introduced his own course, saying that 'the super Mario maker 2 has made the worst 1-1 remake so far', and Internet users have found this intense It has become a chaos situation where it starts a great profit on the muse course.

Ridiculous 'Super Mario Maker 2' level sparks memes about avoiding things in life

You can check the course of the course 'Worst 1st Remake Ever' posted by YTSunny in the following movie.

I made the worst ever 1-1 remake in Mario Maker 2-YouTube

The course ID is 'YXL-D4C-TQF' and the course name is '1-1 but with a twist.' The clear rate at the time of movie creation was 0%.

Like this, it is YTSunny's 1-1 who built a fire bar on Super Mario Bros. 1-1.

It is necessary to make the jump a small jump or a large jump according to the fire bar.

A pin-point event such as 'game over if you are not in this square' will also occur.

That's why, the producer YTSunny clears safely. As you can see from the movie, the course is quite devil-specific.

Several Twitter users are tweeting like a big win using such 'the worst in the history 1-1 remake'.

'Avoid the Moro photos on my media server'

'Doctor: How can you explain your anxiety? Me: (this course is more disturbing)'

'It's like this when navigating racism when walking outside'

'Fire is a girl and Mario is me'

'It's like the New York Times avoiding the word racist.'

'When you buy groceries at home, it's like avoiding acquaintances.'

'When I date a person I love, I try to avoid anything that causes the other person's anger.'

'Avoid (in this way)' (homosexual) men's 'Is there still a girlfriend?' Question from an older relative

' Brie Larson avoids dude bro and always wins by the end of the day'

'Avoiding certain parts of the mind to keep sane thread'

A Twitter account that claims to be God says, 'I will avoid thinking and prayers'.

'I will avoid Twitter updates'

'I'm trying to avoid laying down laundry'

In this way, the 'worst 1-1 remakes of all time' posted by YTSunny were used as 'events that I really want to avoid' and 'very difficult things to avoid'.

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