It turns out that planets of the solar system such as the earth affect the cycle of solar activity



The cycle of solar activity, such as the number of sunspots and solar flares , is known to be approximately 11 years by many years of research. Researchers at the Dresden Rossendorf Institute (HZDR) have found that the cycle of such solar activity is influenced by the planets of the solar system, including the Earth.

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The Sun follows the rhythm of the planets-Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, HZDR

In stars such as the sun, the fact that the period of magnetic activity is constant is not a strange phenomenon in itself. However, it has not been clear so far about why the solar activity cycle has remained at 11 years.

The research team of Frank Steffani et al., Who is a researcher at HZDR, compared the observation results of the solar activity over the past 1000 years with the positions of the planets in the solar system in order to clarify this mystery. As a result, it turned out that the position of the planet has a great influence on the cycle of solar activity.

'There is a surprisingly high degree of agreement between the position of the planet and the solar activity,' said Stefani. 'The two phenomena show perfect parallelism over 90 cycles for the 11 year solar activity cycle.' It says. The tidal force produced by the position of the planet works like a clock that determines the activity of the sun, so that the tidal force produced by the gravity of the moon affects the tides on the earth.



When I first saw the theory that links the planet and the solar cycle, Mr. Stefanie was very skeptical about the validity of the theory. However, when I see a computer simulation of Rayleigh-Taylor instability where fluid motions become unstable when fluids with different densities come into contact, “What happens if the solar plasma is affected by small tidal forces? 'I have a question.

The solar activity cycle is caused by the periodic change of the sun's magnetic field due to the rotation of the sun and the complex motion of the plasma. The movement of the solar plasma is very sensitive to small forces due to Rayleigh-Taylor instability. Stefani's model shows that the tidal power changes of the planet acting on the sun are synchronized with the cycle of the solar activity, 'this result was astounding,' he said. I commented.

It is said that tidal force by the planets of the solar system has the largest impact on the sun when Venus, Earth, and Jupiter are aligned. This sequence occurs on a 11.07 year cycle, consistent with the fact that the solar activity cycle is 11 years. In addition, the tidal force of the planet may affect not only the solar activity cycle, but also large changes in solar activity, such as the Moder minimum, in which the sunspot number decreased significantly from the 17th century to the 18th century. is.

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The results of this study will create a more accurate model of the solar activity cycle, and in the future could lead scientists to more effectively quantify the weather of the space environment and improve the global weather forecast. It is said that there is. In order to investigate the fundamental issues of solar activity, the HZDR research team is preparing for experiments using liquid metals.

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