Development of radioactive material enriched uranium detected as secondary school closed

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Uranium 235 enriched enriched uranium , depending on its concentration, can be used as nuclear fuel for nuclear power plants and atomic bombs, etc., but it is also a radioactive substance that is harmful to the human body. In the middle school in Pike County , Ohio, USA , enriched uranium and neptunium 237, which is also a radioactive substance and carcinogenic, are detected, and the middle school is closed.

Detections of enriched uranium close Pike County school; officials concerned about cancer risk

Ohio School Closed After Enriched Uranium Discovered Inside: 'We Aren't Prepared for Something Like This' 1424704

Radioactive materials such as enriched uranium were discovered at Zahn's Corner Junior High School in Pike County, which has 320 students. Authorities have been closing junior high schools since May 13, 2019, to find out the cause of radioactive contamination and investigate how much the area is contaminated. Depending on the state of radioactive material contamination, closure may continue even after summer vacation.

Dr. Todd Burkitt, director of the District School District in Zio's Corner, who is in charge of Zahn's Corner Junior High School, commented that the detection of concentrated uranium was a big deal and that measures were taken when radioactive materials were detected from the school. On the other hand, 'We do not intend to take the children's chance,' and we want to improve the condition that children can receive education.

According to the Ohio Department of Education, the children of Zahn's Corner Junior High School have achieved the required class time this year, so it is not necessary to make up for the classes after the school reopens.

Although it is not known where the radioactive material came from, it seems that many local residents speculate that it may be due to the Portsmouth gas diffusion plant two miles away from Zahn's Corner Junior High School. .

The Portsmouth gas diffusion plant used to produce enriched uranium for use in the US nuclear program and weapons. Production of enriched uranium has ended as of 2001, but even at the time of writing, work such as decontamination is ongoing under the Ministry of Energy. The Department of Energy and Pike county authorities are also testing radioactive materials in houses and water to investigate the extent of contamination.

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