The vehicle summary which I saw at Nico Nico super conference 2019 which was a large gathering from a proud pains that a pretty girl smiles to the latest armored car

At the Nico Nico Super-Conference , which was held at Makuhari Messe on April 27th and 28th, 2019, there were a large number of exhibits that were not usually seen. . I saw a variety of vehicles, from the shiny itashas with the characters I love, to the special vehicles active at the front lines, so I took a quick shot.

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Super Tokyo Marui Airsoft Gun Large Exhibition
An original custom car based on the Toyota Land Cruiser 200AX was on display at the Tokyo Marui booth, a manufacturer of electric and air guns .

Military gray body is matte finish.

There is a toy gun on the back platform ...

Capsules filled with BB bullets can now be stored. It was a great custom to go out to play outdoor survival games.

Super JAL booth
Japan Airlines (JAL) exhibited special vehicles active at the airport. In front of the booth, the staff who dressed in the flight attendant and the costume of the pilot welcomed me.

The single-seat electric car's CMOS is compact, highly mobile, and environmentally friendly mobility, so it is a vehicle expected for short-distance travel. It seems that a mechanic who travels between the office and the aircraft often gets on board for maintenance work of the aircraft

It was impressive that a fire extinguisher was installed next to the seat, probably because it is a car working at the airport.

High lift loader 96-inch type used for loading and unloading containers and pallets to airplanes. The total length is 12.1 m and the total width is 3.2 m. The top speed is a fairly slow car of 15km, but it seems that two containers can be lifted at one time.

The powered wear 'ATOUN MODEL Y', which has been introduced in JAL's hands and is used in ground handling work to handle cargo loading operations, is said to exhibit power assist by rotating the gear following the movement of the waist. You can also actually wear it locally.

The image is a vehicle with a step called 'step car', which is used when a passenger gets on or off an airplane. It will be used at a parking lot where there is no facility to board an aircraft directly. There are two types, roofed and roofless, but the roofless open type was exhibited.

SDF booth
This is how an EOD disposal boat, in which the underwater disposers of EOD (Explosives Disposal Team) belonging to the Maritime Self-Defense Force board the ship from the mother ship of Mines Mineskai forces to go to the site, looks like this. It looks like two missiles stuck together, but it is actually a rubber boat. It can ride up to 6 people.

And, this is the latest battle armored car adopted by the Ground Self Defense Force 16 type mobile combat vehicle . As the name suggests, it was equipped in 2016. Equipped with a water-cooled 4-cycle 4-cylinder diesel engine. It seems to be equipped with a 105 mm spiral wire gun, a 12.7 mm heavy machine gun and a 74 type 7.62 mm machine gun.

The total weight is about 26 tons, and the maximum speed is about 100 km per hour. In addition to excellent road mobility, it can be transported by air, so it can be deployed quickly in remote areas.

At the time of shooting, a talk show by a female assistant of the Air Self-Defense Force was held in front of this 16 type mobile battle vehicle.

Nico Nico Car Booth
The 'Nico Nico Car', which is presented at the Nico Nico Douga event, was exhibited with the support of the automaker Suzuki.

This is a virtual cast car based on the Spacia Custom .

The virtual cast car is a custom car loaded with equipment that can talk with Vtuber over the screen, and is for performing 'Vtuber trouble consultation' to be held at the Nico Nico town meeting . At the venue, an event was held where you could consult with members of Nijiji one on one, and it was in great shape.

This is also a karaoke car on business trip to Nico Nico Town meeting. The base is everly .

The karaoke car is like a karaoke box, and one person can enjoy karaoke as much as he can. In front of this karaoke car, there was a long line of participants who wanted to sing quickly.

Super pain car heaven in Nico Nico super meeting 2019
This 'Super Painful Car Heaven' booth was the largest number of cars in the Nico Nico Super Conference. A lot of pains of thought by individuals and companies were lined up. Among them, 'GFP original mowing machine MASAO' based on Chikamizu Canycomm 's mowing machine Masao was the most distinctive.

The “ GFP ” written on the car body is a food export project promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. With a mower born in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and Nico Nico Douga.

It was a pain that was based on Nick Saito 's Cadillac CTS that caught the eye with a striking glow in the pain. The side is decorated by Anastasia of ' Idolmaster Cinderella Girls '.

The back view looks like this.

Anastasia was drawn on the hood.

According to Nick Saito, he is aiming for a 'glass-like transparency' and is not only sticking stickers, but also has spent a lot of effort on surface treatment and coating. The cost for the custom is 'more than 10 million,' and because of that merit, the Anastasia's pupils written on the sides glow like real pupils when light strikes.

This is how Lom 's custom to the AKIRA style of Honda's Honda Stream released in 1981. A page of the original AKIRA manga was pasted in the booth where the motorbike was placed, and it was very impressive.

The name 'serif' in the play, 'Don't add san, deko sukerou !!' is written ...

A speaker was embedded in the front part.

A lot of stickers are pasted about 'Kanada's motorcycle' custom. The custom took only about a month. It seems that the gasoline tank was rotten on the old motorcycle and unfortunately it is not possible to drive on its own right now, but there was no problem with the engine so it could be run with a little more work.

It is said that Mr. Lomb hand-painted the logo and characters on the type of jacket that was displayed together with the type of jacket similar to the one found in the second-hand clothing store.

' Umamusume Pretty Derby Yamaha of Silence Suzuka specification of' TZR250RS is Yukipome is Itasha's.

Cowl is decorated with illustrations of silence suzuka. Silence Suzuka is a real racehorse, and despite its late debut, achieved high marks for scoring goals such as the 1998 Nakayama Memorial, the Ogura Grand Prize Award, the Kinsho Award, and the Takarazuka Memorial in a first place. However, unfortunately, the 1998 Emperor Prize (Autumn) unfortunately suffered injuries during the race and is known as a tragic horse who has been diagnosed with a poor prognosis and passed away.

According to Yuki Pome, the speed and fragility of a thoroughbred horse was created by superimposing an image on the TZR 250 RS, which demanded lightweight, high power, and sacrificed engine durability, fuel efficiency, and ride comfort.

' Guilty Crown ' 楪 (Yuzuriha) Inori is a vocal EGOIST motif, Nissan's Datsun 240Z custom-made by HAL . The brown-based color and the brandy placed on the side table combined to create an adult atmosphere.

I want to be drawn on the bonnet

The side looks like this.

It was engraved on the glove box as 'EGOISTix * fam'.

Zoro Hina 's Mazda RX-7 FD3S was a specification that overflowed with Hojo Karen Ai of 'Idolmaster Cinderella Girls'.

At the time of holding the Nico Nico Super Conference 2019, the 8th Cinderella Girl General Election, which is the official voting event for 'Idolmaster Cinderella Girls'. It was a unit that strongly appealed and supported Karen.

An illustration of Karen is drawn on the hood ...

There are smiles and signs of Karin on the side.

It is impressive that one third of the size of the lotus is sitting on the center console.

In addition, an acrylic plate was added to the air bag section of the front passenger seat.

Next to the car, the Idolmaster Cinderella Girls' familiar mascot character, Pinyakota Mat, was laid.

And one supercar that stayed in a corner of the super pain car heaven was a 458 Ferrari 458 spider, which will cost at least 30 million yen if it is a new car. Motif is an Assault Lily Gaiden of a doll maker Azone International .

The bonnet looks like this.

The entire body is matte black, with a pattern of flames and characters of Assault Lily.

Four people of Assault Lily were sitting on the front glass.

When I look in the driver's seat ...

The doll was driving a high-class handle with a red leather on which the Ferrari's buffalo emblem was embellished.

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