Conversations heard by Alexa are recorded and analyzed by Amazon employees


Priscilla Du Preez

As for speech recognition assistant ' Amazon Alexa ' installed in smart speaker Amazon Echo etc., there is a case that recording data is sent to an unrelated third party in December 2018, but newly News site Bloomberg reports that Alexa's voice data has been manually tagged by Amazon employees.

A Global Team Reviews Audio-Bloomberg Is Anyone Listening To You

Amazon has thousands of people listening to snippets of Alexa chats

The source of Bloomberg's information is a person who knows about a secret team that analyzes Alexa's collected audio data.

In this story, the secret team consists of Amazon employees and contractors working in offices in Boston, Costa Rica, India, Romania, etc. For example, to find out the audio data ' Taylor Swift ' Is carrying out the work of tagging it as 'utterance about music artist' The number is about 1000 in one shift.

The audio data is not only for talking to Alexa 'What is xxx?', But it also includes data such as snoring while taking a shower and a child's cry for help.

by Laura Marques

'When speaking to a smart speaker at home, it's not always thinking' someone may be listening to audio, 'said Florian Schaub, a professor of the University of Michigan who is familiar with smart speaker privacy issues. He pointed out to Bloomberg's interview that, behind the magic-like machine learning, manual processing is still being carried out, 'Which tags are used for privacy issues? Depending on whether the information is presented or not, ”showed a cautious stance on whether this matter is currently considered a problem.

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