Oral sex may lower the risk of miscarriage

Miscarriages that cause pregnancy to stop on the way are believed to occur in 8 to 15% of all pregnancies, and may be due to infections or abnormal hormone secretion. It is said that habitual miscarriage in which miscarriage of three or more times is continuous occurs among them in about 1% or more of all women, but it is said that detailed cause is not often identified. A Dutch research team reported that 'the more frequent oral sex , the lower the risk of miscarriage,' from a survey of women who have experienced miscarriage.

Oral sex is associated with reduced incidence of recurrent miscarriage-ScienceDirect

Oral Sex Appears to Have an Intriguing Link to Miscarriage Risk

A research team at Leiden University conducted a survey of women who experienced habitual miscarriage. According to the survey, 97 women who had miscarriages for at least 3 consecutive times and who were younger than 36 years of age at the third time were compared with 137 women who had a healthy birth. .

The survey asked both groups if they had oral sex with their partner. Then, 56.9% of the women who reported having 'oral sex with their partner' had experienced miscarriage, compared with 72.9% in the group who gave birth to a healthy birth.

This result only shows a correlation to the last, and does not show a causal relationship such as 'it becomes difficult to abort when oral sex is used'. However, the research team states that 'at least women who have experienced miscarriage have significantly reduced oral sex compared to women who do not.'



Researchers have said that women who repeat miscarriages have less oral sex with their partners may be associated with the effects of semen on the maternal immune system. A fetus with a paternal gene is a foreign body for the maternal immune system, and during pregnancy, it is necessary to suppress an attack on a paternal antigen. It is likely that oral sex will send paternal semen to the digestive system and be absorbed from the intestine, which may make the maternal immune system tolerant of paternal antigens.

So far, research on immunity relating to abortion has focused on the maternal immune system. This study suggests that the effects of partner male semen on the maternal immune system may be related to miscarriage. However, the researchers believe that this study is small-scale, and it is necessary to conduct a larger survey in order to confirm the hypothesis.

by Janko Ferlic

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