Leading game publisher EA such as 'Apex Legends' and 'FIFA' fired 350 people

Electronic Arts (EA) , which deals with the Battle Royal game ' Apex Legends ', which has won over 10 million players in just 3 days, and the popular football game series ' FIFA ', is 4% of all employees Said they plan to fire 350 people, the equivalent of

Updating Our Organization and Addressing Our Challenges

About EA's Organizational Change and Challenges

Layoffs hit EA, CEO says they are necessary to 'address our challenges'-Polygon

EA has posted a message from CEO Andrew Wilson on the official site entitled 'Corporate Renewals and Challenges' and has announced that it plans to dismiss some of its employees.

Here we have taken a few important steps as a company to tackle challenges and prepare for opportunities ahead. It is clear that we have to change together in response to changes in the surroundings. Commitment Achieve, refine the organization, work to meet what our users want, as part of that we made changes to the marketing and publishing organization, operations team, and Japan and Russia to shrink their systems, We will focus on providing players with services in different ways: In addition to organizational changes, we are deeply focused on improving the quality of our games and services. We will continue to be at the heart of it. ' In addition, of the 9,000 employees at EA, about 350 will be fired due to organizational change.

The video game industry in the United States alone recorded sales of more than ¥ 4,700 billion in 2018, and it can be said that the game industry was booming, while some companies implemented large-scale layoffs You are At the end of 2018, TellTale Games fired most of its employees, and Activision Blizzard fired about 8% of all employees in February 2019, and EA's move on.

Call of Duty Activision Blizzard holds over 700 massive layoffs with popular titles such as Call of Duty-GIGAZINE

・ Postscript 2019/03/28 13:50
We were able to get a formal opinion on the closing of the Japan office and the Japanese market from EA. The official view is as follows, and we continue to promise to support the Japanese market.

On March 26 (PST USA), EA will provide attractive and high-quality services to our customers in a stable manner, and further, to establish a foundation for our business growth, sales department and business department Decided to reorganize in
As part of that, we announced the closing of the Japan office.
However, Japan is an important market for us, and we will continue to support EA games and support in the Japanese market.
In addition, we sincerely thank our employees for their contributions to our company so far, and suggest all positions for us to propose other positions in our company or introduce reemployment in the game industry as much as possible. We are willing to support the
We will strive to provide exciting games in the future. We look forward to your continued patronage.

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