'HoloLens 2' developers of Microsoft partners talk about what has evolved

Engineer Steve Lee, a senior developer at software company Readify , is evaluating Microsoft 's second generation MR headset " HoloLens 2 " from a technological perspective. From the original MR headset "HoloLens", it seems that evolution has evolved to such an extent that it can not be measured only by numerical performance improvement.

How does the Hololens 2 matter? - Steve's Space

You can tell what kind of terminal HoloLens 2 is, by looking at the following article.

Microsoft announces the next generation MR headset "HoloLens 2", greatly improved from the 1st generation such as twice viewing angle and eye tracking - GIGAZINE

Lee said that the people around him often asked "How about a new type HoloLens 2?" And that evaluation was tried after 2 days from the announcement. The technical items of HoloLens 2 concerning Mr. Lee are as follows.

◆ Field of View (FOV)
"If you fund the developer of the first HoloLens, you will spend most of that money improving the viewing angle," Lee said, the first HoloLens (HoloLens 1) has its weak point of narrow viewing angle It was. In concrete numerical values HoloLens 1 has a viewing angle of 30 degrees horizontally, 17.5 degrees vertically and a field of view of aspect ratio 16: 9. In contrast, HoloLens 2 has a horizontal viewing angle of 43 degrees, a vertical direction of 29 degrees and an aspect ratio of 3: 2, and the viewing angle is greatly improved.

The following figure compares and compares the field of view (FOV) of HoloLens 1 (red), HoloLens 2 (yellow), rival ' Magic Leap '. HoloLens 2 has almost the same view as Magic Leap.

However, although Microsoft is appealing that "HoloLens 2 has a view twice as much as HoloLens 1," Lee points out that increasing the field of view should be discounted as it is only 1.5 times the length of the diagonal line doing.

"However, HoloLens 2's field of vision is definitely improved," Lee said at the same time, "Mr. Lee is not just good at widening his horizons". According to Mr. Lee, HoloLens 1 recommended that it be more than 85 centimeters from the objects of the augmented reality (AR) world. This is because the hologram comes out of one view within 85 centimeters, and HoloLens 1 had problems with usability at a short distance.

On the other hand, HoloLens 2 makes use of the view-up effect for object recognition at short range, and when looking at the same size ball, as shown in the figure below HoloLens 2 is able to see the whole thing . Thanks to this, Lee notes that HoloLens 2 allows manipulation of objects in the MR world using not only hands but also fingertips, and that the benefits of FOV up are here.

◆ Gesture operation
In HoloLens 1, Mr. Lee seemed to have always thought that "I want to reach out and touch the hologram," but it was impossible due to the viewing problem. Not only has the field of view expanded but also the movement of hands and fingers can be tracked with high precision HoloLens 2 comes into contact with a hologram (it can be operated close to it), "This high precision tracking function is HoloLens It is a killer function of 2, "Lee thinks.

Playing the piano of the MR world with MWC 19 is exactly what shows HoloLens 2's high precision gesture operation.

Microsoft at MWC 19 Barcelona - YouTube

In this way, the UI that can manipulate buttons and sliders floating in the air in the MR world directly with fingers or fingers has reached the level that there is no need to teach the user how to operate it, and so far HoloLens 1's " Lee said that he will solve the problem of requiring education for the students. Lee says that it is important to learn applications without training.

◆ Performance
Although HoloLens 1 adopted 1 GHz Atom processor, Lee said that hardware performance was bad. In contrast, Lee evaluates that not only the CPU but also the performance of the GPU is progressing dramatically by adopting Qualcomm's Snapdragon 850 platform in HoloLens 2. For example, it seems that the performance improvement of "iPhone 5" to "iPhone X further up 20%" has been fulfilled.

It can handle up to 2.4 times wider area with FOV by greatly improving hardware performance, especially improvement of GPU performance will make dramatic performance up as MR headset realize.

◆ Open development environment
At the announcement event of HoloLens 2, the logo of the partner company was displayed, including Readify led by Mr. Alex Kiplman, developer, behind the developer.

According to Mr. Lee, Microsoft has established a collaborative system with many development partners to make the leap of HoloLens a big leap, and HoloLens thinks that it will make the content further leap by attracting more partners.

◆ Challenge: Finally Mr. Lee says that HoloLens 2 is sorry that GPS, compass, mobile circuit was not supported. With HoloLens incorporating these functions, users can jump out indoors, create MR space in the outside world, and it is expected that the value of contents as MR headset will increase more and more.

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