Only 40% of stray cats can get over winter with harsh colds Smart cash house with AI automatic door appears in China

A Chinese search Baidu Baidu researcher developed a cat house that can grasp cats by image recognition and open and close doors. Many cats survive surprisingly the coldness of winter thanks to Smart Cat House.


Baidu's female engineer Mr. Wang Shi likes big cats, has found a stray cat and has fed a food that is always in his pocket, but the fact that many cats who do not go away from the cold in winter are starving to death I learned. There are 40 million cats in China in which there are no owners, but there are also many localities that will have severe winter below freezing temperatures, and there are statistics that cats surviving over winter are 40% of the total.

So she could judge a cat by image recognition and decided to develop a smart cat house that only allows cats to enter. For AI technology necessary for image recognition etc., it is said that it utilizes the deep learning model "Easyid" developed by Baidu.

The Smart Cat House is a mechanism that opens doors when checking that it is a cat with the entrance camera. It is already possible to distinguish 174 kinds of cats, and it prevents invasion of foreign enemies such as stray dogs. Furthermore, by recognizing the tag such as a collar, it can judge whether it is castrated or not.

The room is kept at 27 ° C so that cats can spend comfortably, air purification function is also installed.

A smartphone notifies you that the cat entered the Smart Cat House, and volunteers who protect the cat will be given food. Moreover, since it can automatically judge whether a cat suffers from a disease by making use of image recognition, it supports that volunteers can take appropriate measures to protect cats.

It is said that smartcat house has already been installed experimentally and that the stray cats are helping to surpass the coldness of winter.

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