'Magical Pretty Cure!' Cure Miracle & Cure Magical Appeared to One Fest 2019 [Winter] Precure Various

In the garage kit festival "Wonder Festival" three-dimensional objects of various copyright works are legally sold by "copyright on the day" system, providing copyright that is effective only in the venue to the general public. With respect to the "Toyurai Animation" Precure "series, among works whose copyright is permitted in the" same day copyright "system, a setting was made that" a work character broadcasted / screened in the past two years including this fiscal year can not be applied " It is.

At the Wonder Festival 2019 [Winter] , " Magical Pretty Cure! " Broadcasted from February 2016 to January 2017 was lifted, and Cure Miracle and Cure Magical appeared in the venue immediately.

There are 4 pretty cures in " Q playground " at 7-45-08.

Cure Miracle and Cure Magical of "Magical Pretty Cure!" Fighting Friendship and Fighting Beyond the Human World and the Magical World

Pretty Cure Additional Fighter from Enemy Executives, "Fresh Pretty Cure!" Cure Passion

"Cure honey" which cuts out a moment in a dynamic movement that shows just before a decision pose at transformation

5-03-06 "Magical Pretty Cure!" Cure Miracle that I saw at " GLEMO and Yumeiko Township "

Cure twinkle of "Go! Princess Pretty Cure" has many times the hair volume.

That small face condition is truly a junior high school first grader and there is only a popular model.

Also at 5-16-08 " Steel Hotel " Cure Twinkle

This is a standing figure, ☆ shimmes at your fingertips.

5-38-15 "Cure and lots" is Go! Two people before the transformation of Princess PreCure. Haruka Haruka transforms into cure flora ......

Minami Kaito transforming into cure mermaid

8-14-04 Heart catch pretty cure for " Sugar Wortme "! Cure Marin and Cure Blossom

8-17-15 " Tora no Kai " discovers "Cure beauty" of "Smile PreCure!"

I usually impressed politely and freshly, but since it is equipped with ice cases and this expression, it may be before the fight with Joker.

8-12-10 Happiness Charge Precure is on "Enma Drop"! Cure Princess and Cure Lovely were lined up.

And, 6-13-11 " Kinjin Kobo " was in Super Happiness Lovely which Cure Lovely power-up figure.

4-27-11 " GK catacam " is pounding! Enemy executive · Regina who appeared as "daughter of King Gicotu" in Pretty Cure.

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