Original works that three-dimensionally imagined fantasy shapes drawn into a dark world view

Among the original works exhibited in One Fest 2019 [winter] , I found a figure that shaped the world view filled with a dark atmosphere in particular, I stopped thinking and I took a picture.

A living creature like a frog hanging from a creature like a frog is a work called Muramatsu Ayumi 's "Search Light".

The head of a bird is like a bone.

Not only is the frog hanging in his hands, but also in his feet.

There is a light bulb inside the frog, and it faintly shines. The title "Search Light" is the name given because the frog is on the light.

Frogs are also on birds. While it looks like a dead god, this bird and frog, which need a light to go over at night, may be in a symbiotic relationship.

It is this "dusk" that also embodied living creatures living in the dark. Having a tub with fish in one hand, there is a strange life feeling like returning after catching a dinner fish in a pose as if walking out with a lanterned stick on the shoulder.

I have fishery in my mouth.

I wonder if the first crow that is clinging will fall under the spill.

A creatures like a bullfight in armor of gold is "armor beef and bone".

There is a pair of horns in the skull armor ......

One long corner is stretched. The tip is a cross.

A brutal armor is an aggressive design while being an armor.

The work "Helen" was exhibited at the " Boruti! " Booth.

Despite being a skeleton-like appearance, he is magical.

Cables are extending from arms and back like sharp weapons, and they are shaped like organic and inorganic fusion.

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