The international stock trading group that hacked the database of the Securities and Exchange Commission found out that it gained more than 400 million yen

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On January 15, 2019, a federal prosecutor of the United States announced that the international stock trading group had invaded the database of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) . The stock trading group is made up of groups of criminals from the United States, Russia and Ukraine, and the group is said to have earned 4.1 million dollars (about 450 million yen) by illegal stock trading etc.

International stock trading scheme hacked into SEC database

This time hacking was done in the database of " EDGAR " which is a system that automatically collects, confirms, classifies and publishes documents that companies and other corporations are required to submit to the SEC. The group said that 157 companies made stock transactions that were advantageous to themselves, using private corporate earnings report data submitted to the SEC.

According to the US New Jersey Prosecutor Craig Carpenito and FBI, and the United States Secret Service to investigate financial crime, seven people are participating in the criminal group, and from May 2016 at least that same year It is said that the plan was executed in October. Before hacking to SEC, this stock trading group is said to have been a member of a group that breaks into the system of service of enterprise's news release and gets private information ahead of the other.

Carpenito said at the press conference that the stock trading group was stealing thousands of precious and private documents. Important information such as quarterly earnings and M & A plan was stolen in the stolen document, and it said that it had a big influence on the stock price of the company. The group not only raised profits by trading shares by anticipating future stock price from the report, he said that they had profitable by selling information to other traders, for example. Carpenito said one insider trader who gained this nonpublic information gained $ 270,000 (about 30 million yen) in trading day trading.


Hacker sent malicious software to employees of SEC by e-mail, they said that they broke EDGAR's database via SEC's computer with malware planted. The stolen data was sent to Lithuania and the stock trading group himself used data and sold data to other criminals.

The United States Department of Justice has accused two Ukrainians of Oleksandr Ieremenko and Artem Radchenko on hacking EDGAR's database. Also, individuals and organizations such as Sungjin Cho, David Kwon, Igor Sabodakha, Victoria Vorochek, Ivan Olefir, Andrey Sarafanov, Capyield Systems Co., Ltd. and Spirit Trade Co., Ltd. are named by SEC civil lawsuit It is.

by Pavel Kunitsky

When hack occurred in 2016, the SEC aimed to build a system called "CAT" which is a database of transactions ordering and execution information. CAT said that it will record all trades and orders made in the US in order to detect market operations and malicious stock trading, but the implementation of CAT is delayed more than expected.

At the time of article creation, CAT is scheduled to start operation in November 2019, but it is a system of CAT that records 58 billion transaction data per day, social security number of dealer and birth date On the other hand, it seems that the New York Stock Exchange shows movements such as asking for limits on data collection.

As of September 2017, the SEC clarified that "someone has broken into the database of EDGAR in 2016", and as of that time, SEC's Jay Clayton chairman said, "Cyber Security is It is extremely important for the management of the market, risk is serious. " In addition, Mr. Clayton points out that it is important to cope with the problem and recover it, what is important when cyber security problems are discovered.

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