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The exhibition " Toshio Suzuki and Ghibli exhibition " exhibition focusing on producer Toshio Suzuki who has worked on Studio Ghibli work for a long time was exhibited on Saturday, April 20th - May 12th, 2019 It will be held in the Meisei Hall within the "EDOCCO" Cultural Exchange Center newly established in Kanda Meigami for 23 days, and the surrounding area.

Based on the "Magical Exhibition of Studio Ghibli Suzuki Toshio" held in Nagoya and Kanazawa in 2018, it is said that it is further upgrading with the appeal of Ghibli and upgrading it, so it is worrisome People, please do come and see. Advance tickets started handling at Lawson tickets from February 10, 2019 (Sunday). The price and benefits of the ticket are said to be announced at official website and so on at a later date.

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

Users' privacy is threatened by vulnerabilities included in the system of services using GPS location information - GIGAZINE

It turned out to be able to harvest wheat etc. 6 times a year in crop cultivation using LED light - GIGAZINE

Male 's grief shouting, "Women of dating apps was a program", the damage totaled more than 17 billion yen - GIGAZINE

"Finger Ring" "Ear Earrings" Accessories that shaped parts of the human body - GIGAZINE

The difficulty of being able to "freely create", "the world that breaks glass flowers" Masashi Ishihama Director & producer interview - GIGAZINE

We can not talk Local character is looking for voice actor, I have seen the state of public audition - GIGAZINE

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Recover memories forgotten with medicine Tohoku University and other world's first to treat dementia - Sankei news

NHK Fukushima Prefecture News

Reasons for making all people learn mathematics - Willy's brain diary

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Huawei clearly connects with two companies to be investigated | Reuters

Two fans push idol home | News of the NHK Capital Region

A member of the idol group "NGT 48" who is based in Niigata, two men of fans of Mamoru Yamaguchi, was pushing to the entrance of Mr. Yamaguchi in Niigata city last month to the police and others I understood by the interview of.
Two people were arrested on suspicion of assault as they grabbed Mr. Yamaguchi's face and said that they had stated that they wanted to talk, but since then they have been released without fetters.

AKB 48 Times (Summary of AKB 48): NGT 48 Yamaguchi Maho, protest of tears in operation "Two men attacked at the end of the performance" "I am trying to clean up the paranoia as a paranoia" [Mahohohn] - livedoor Blog (blog)

AKB 48 Times (Summary of AKB 48): NGT 48 Mamoru Yamaguchi "I cried at the name of a member coming out one after another from the criminal" 【Mahohohn】 - livedoor Blog (blog)

Foreigner reporters talk at Gonnellian interview "No one wants to do the president in Japan" (1/2) <dot.> | AERA dot. (Aeradot)

Tokyo District Court refuses to request cancellation of the detention of former president Ghosn | NHK News

Scholarship, with guarantee fee delinquent increase from all members Finance / MEXT policy: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Mail service 23 thousand mails "Troublesome at home" 14 years unposted: society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

"I lost my friend and work, I can not return." Men disappointment of rape and false charges: Asahi Shimbun Digital

[Criminal] Memo on false accusations convicted because of false statements of those who are regarded as rape victims - Blog of Law Firm (former law firm office Milite Partners)

Buy price of solar power generation down to 22% in new year | NHK News

Attacks of successive attacks on Germany's right-wing party Explosives on the office: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Keio Electric Railway subsidiary suspects 200 million yen fraud by "Kisel" | Bunbun online

Women's University strictly protests to Fusosha "leads to female disdain" - Mainichi Newspapers

Floor collapse at building demolition site NHK seismic intensity meter senses shaking Kochi | NHK News

Employment Insurance, Inadequate Labor Statistics, Inadequate Survey from 2004 - Mainichi Newspapers

Investigation with wage or working hours improper method from 15 years ago | NHK News

Publication of unprecedented labor statistics bulletin in November, unclear survey released by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare: Asahi Newspaper Digital

From the declining trend of CO2 emissions rapidly increasing and decreasing under the trump regime: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Charged with designer Kenzo Takada on fraud charges in Korea - Society: Nikkan Sports

Column: Military conflict with Taiwan China, the reoccurrence of the crisis of the Strait? | Reuters

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When I bought a stuffed animal, clerks simultaneously gave a big cue ... asking Kyoto aquarium - withnews (with news)

President of Fukagawa Seiko "Imperial Household Purpose" First President "Dare to lie, I have hidden" - Mainichi Newspapers

The most common taste of listening to real in living in Kyoto is not "piano" or "bamboo pickle" but it seems to be "there is there" - Togetter

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Try diverting mining exclusive grabo to game: Misc Mods

Conclusion Grabbing exclusively for mining without screen output

· If you connect a dummy screen you can use it remotely (one physically with connectors)
· Using the GPU allocation function of Windows 10, most games can be drawn via the built-in GPU · May be used for eGPU of MacBook · May be used as the second piece for CrossFire

Because it is possible to use various ways other than mining depending on ingenuity with such feeling,
It exceeds the price such as the half price of the screen outputted version, and it exerts a value far exceeding it.
People who want to buy Grabo cheaply, if you see, please consider it.

ZOZO Mr. Maesawa 1 million yen Winners are pleased tweets. It seems that we carefully selected the content of the retweet 's dream. "Tiger of money rather than lottery" - Togetter

[New era] system shop panicked with system renovation of the reformer is "incompetent" - Togetter

What I did until I got to be able to eat with my own product - V - Medium

Adobe Product Price Revision Notice - Adobe Blog

Initial trial in the coinhive case "Not a virus" innocent claiming innocence - lawyer dot com

Is the data truly "the truth" - Qiita

iPhone 3 model production down 10% down Apple, challenging in China: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

I summarized unauthorized access of weather information service in Australia - piyolog

Recognizing living sounds in AutoML Vision and RasPi - Kaz Sato - Medium

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Yoshiharu Hanyu Kudan, a new title in Ryuo's crown is "There are no other options": sports warning

What kind of game is go | Introductory go to understand in 3 minutes | Takumi Ohashi | cakes

Family Computer Nintendo Switch Online Additional title [January 2019] - YouTube

Yoshi craft world opening video - YouTube

Nintendo Switch ™ 'Dragons dogma: Dark Alison' promotional video - YouTube

"ACE COMBAT (TM) 7: SKIES UNKNOWN" opening video - YouTube

"BIOHAZARD RE: 2" 1 - Shot Demo "Announcement Video - YouTube

Because the summary of people who did not sell partly at the first participation was not even a repo, I gathered episodes and advice for the first participation in the circle. - Togetter

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Intro 5 seconds, the playlist entry is the hit player! Apple Music, Spotify, LINE MUSIC Artist Strategy | Swingin 'Thinkin'

Travel Journalist Kaoru Kanekira Dies "World Travel": Asahi Shimbun Digital

G speed @ Yomiuri Giants Summary Blog: 【sad news】 Hiroshima · Director Ogata's revealed stage behind Nagano · · · · Giant veteran lists omission, a considerable number of patterns

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[Hokkaido] "Furano Omakare style bread" released | Lawson official website

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