What is the phantom animation 'The Box' that won the Academy Award short film animation prize in 1967?

The short animation division of the Academy Awards began in 1932, but there are few opportunities to see the winning works at that time. One of them is the screenwriter / animator Fred Wolf 's " The Box " who sent out " Teenage · Mutant · Ninja · Turtles " and " Mysterious Travel of Parent-Child Mice ".

The Box - YouTube

An old man walking in the rain.

Arrived at the bar ... ....

I will take a seat.

It took out a black box.

When I was at my side, a man appeared in a black box appeared.

For some reason, a man is in the form of a rhinoceros.

The man seems to have seen the inside of the box, but the old man keeps the box away from the man.

Having a drink ......

I tried to make the bundle flicker, but the old man does not try to open the box.

Look at the lightly inside ... ...

Put the bundle only in the bosom.

The men try to open the box looking at the gap ......


An elderly who holds his / her hand like "so so so" due to male complaints.

Finally leave boxes little by little ......

A male peeps.

......, but the man who knew the contents is in a panic state.

I ran away as it was.

It was a woman who appeared afterwards.

I will take a seat next to the old man.

This time for some reason, a woman is in the form of an elephant.

This woman treats alcohol ... ....

I will praise the old man as a weapon of sex appeal, and I will try to reveal the contents of the box.

But when you actually show the contents of the box ...

Unlike men, I showed that I was not intrigued much.

I was urged to put hands in the box and respond ...

I will change my face suddenly.

A woman whose hands show wet and disgusting.

I got angry and left.

A man who came alone took out a brown bag.

Open the bag inside the desk and open the box, it is a small creature that came out.

I will return to the box as soon as I take food.

Another woman came from the same door where the old man came in.

Take off your coat ......

sit down. Now the old man is buying alcohol for women.

The woman took out the same box as the old man had.

Women also have brown bags.

Put the inside of the bag on the desk and open the box ......

A small creature also pops out of this box.

Hold the two boxes open and face each other ...

When sticking, it seems that something is going on inside.

And for some reason old man and woman kiss.

Both of them wearing a raincoat ......

Go outside the bar.

Actually, this animation expresses a certain famous story in a different form. When I looked at the animation to the end, I was able to understand what the story was all about, and it was the ending that I agree with "I see!

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