Scientists will unravel the mystery 'Why Wombat's poop is square?'

The wombat is an animal that lives in Australia mainland and Tasmanian island, and the body of the squat is very cute. Such a wombat is known to do 80 to 100 "square poops" on the day, and it is reported that scientists have unraveled the mystery of "Why on the won bat is square?"

APS - 71st Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics - Event - How do wombats make cubed poo? 18/Session/E 19.1

We finally know why wombats poop cubes | Popular Science

Scientists Finally Know How Wombat Butts Make Cube - Shaped Poops

The fact that wombat is a square poop was itself known as a miscellaneous matter from the past, but it was not clear what kind of mechanism the wombat's poop got squared up. A conventional researcher who has been thinking about the square poop of wombat said, "Is not the anus of the wombat square?" "Does the poop dry out due to the dry climate and condensing in a square?" "In the process of digestion Have you hypothesized that food may be shaped square? "

Mr. Patricia Yang, a mechanical engineer at the Georgia Institute of Technology , succeeded in unraveling this mystery and presented his findings at the 71st Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society 's Fluid Dynamics Division in November 2018. Mr. Yang heard that he wanted to know that "Wing bat's poop is square" at the beginning of 2018, and wanted to unravel its mystery.

And a research team with Mr. Yang and three colleagues succeeded in getting the fresh intestine of Wombat who was euthanized after a traffic accident in Tasmania. Although he was Mr. Yang who did not believe that the wombat's poop was square in the beginning, he told me that he was surprised to find out that the wombat's poop was actually square. Clicking on the image below will mosaic out and you can see the square poop of wombat.

When the research team looked into the intestines of wombat, poop at the upper part of the intestine was neither square nor individual, it was said to be in a soft liquid state. However, Mr. Yang and others found that the poultry became in a square shape and became extremely dry in the vicinity of the last 8% where the intestine leads to the anus. The intestines of wombat are increasing in pressure at the last part, it is said that it becomes a cube shape with a size of less than 1 inch (about 2.54 cm), being softened with a strong pressure applied to a soft poo.

Mr. Yang believes that this discovery will help clarify the ecology of mysterious wombat. Some researchers think that the wombat makes this square poop as a mark of territory, making it a prominent place such as out of a hole you dug, on a fallen tree or on a rock. Mr. Yang also said he believes that wombat has a special intestine and makes a square poo, based on the necessity of showing his own territory.

On the other hand, some respondents opposed this theory and Mike Swinborn, a wombat researcher at the University of Adelaide , said, "Liquid pimples will become square and dry at the end of the intestine, It is to absorb valuable moisture inside the body ". For Wombat who lives in a dry climate, it is said that draining poop with high moisture will result in waste of moisture. However, as far as this question has no clear answer, further research is needed in the future.

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