There is 'special seats' in the US Senate

The US Senate is an election of a simple electoral district system with each state as a constituency, with two members in each state, with a total of 100 members. The desk of Congress is a mechanism that chooses "desk to use" from long parliamentarians for the term of office and places it in the seat of the desire, and there is a famous desk which can be called "special seats" To do.

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Daniel Webster's desk
Daniel Webster was a politician who served as a federal Representative, Federal Senator and Secretary of State in the first half of the 19th century. I was from New Hampshire State and as Senator Massachusetts State representative. Before becoming a lawmakers, he was also known as a constitutional scholar and played a major role in the eight prominent constitutional litigation between 1801 and 1829.

In 1957, the committee of President John F. Kennedy et al. Later announced that "the greatest member of the Senate" as well as Webster, Robert Taft , Henry Clay , John Calhoun , Robert M. La Follette · Senior five people were elected. In 1959, a portrait was decorated in the space of the Senate reception room which was vacant. These five people are called " Famous Five ". In addition, in 2004, Arthur Vandenberg and Robert Wagner joined "the greatest member of the Senate".

The feature as a desk is that Webster who knew that expenses are paid out from taxes refuses to add a sentence box and a withdrawal made from the 1820s to the 1840s, there are no additional parts on other desks is. Even afterwards you can choose the option to add, but since the webperson who used this desk did not choose that choice, the way it is being taken over.

The desk of the Senate is a rule that each member selects in descending order of enrollment period, one of the desks that is the exception. Members from New Hampshire State where Webster was born since the 1930s began to sit and in 1974 the Senate decision decided that this desk would be assigned to a senior member of New Hampshire born.

Daniel Webster

Henry · Clay's desk
Henry Clay, who was chosen as "Famous Five" with Webster, was also a politician of the 19th century and was described as "my great ideal" by Abraham Lincoln. He was elected president candidate five times, but eventually he never became the president.

As Henry Clay served as a member of both the US House of Representatives and the House of Representatives on behalf of Kentucky State, a resolution to allocate this desk to the Kentucky-born delegates in 1999 has been adopted.

Henry Clay

Jefferson Davis's desk
Jefferson Davis is a soldier who was originally a member of the House of Representatives. When the American Mexican war with Mexico occurred in 1846, he resigned from the Diet and again became a soldier and active on the front line. After the war, he worked again as a politician and became President of the "Allied Union" made by the southern states, independent of the United States after the birth of President Abraham Lincoln.

When the Civil War broke out, the soldiers of the Union Army and Massachusetts State who used the Senate as the campsite tried to break Davis' desk with a bayonet as a "desk of the rebels". Isaac Bassett, who was a guardian, escaped being destroyed thanks to the fact that the desk was not own individual of Davis but was owned by the government, but the joints on restoration remain on the side.

As Jefferson Davis served as a member of the House of Representatives and Senate in Mississippi State, a resolution was adopted that this desk would be assigned to the Mississippi state senator in 1995.

Jefferson Davis

Candy · Desk
Although it was not adopted by the Senate Resolution, since 1968, desks near the east exit of the floor have been packed with candies, and anyone can take it freely.

Diet meals are prohibited, but California State Councilor George Murphy, who was elected in 1965, began to distribute the chefs to colleagues and other members took over after Congressman Murphy left in 1971 It became an annual event.

Initially, only the hard candy was in the desk, but in 1983, Steve Sims of Idaho State elected to sit on the candy desk and chocolate and candy were offered from related groups , Enriched product line. In addition, at this time, the candy desk was still not fixed in place, and it was a tradition maintained somewhat.

However, in 1985, Rep. Slade Gordon of Washington State announced a press release to inherit the tradition, the tradition became public.

Because Rick Santulum, who was in charge of candy desk from 1997 to 2007, was elected state of Pennsylvania where there are many confectionery companies, it was said that the desk had products of Hersheys famous for chocolate and Justbone of candy company Thing.

As of November 2018, it is Puttoyumi elected Pennsylvania State in charge of the desk. Hersheys, Just Born, Three Musketeers Chocolate Bar etc are prepared.

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