Cockroaches are fighting with 'karate kick' to 'bees that turn cockroach into zombie slaves'

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Cockroaches that inhabit everywhere in the world have a very strong life force and fertility, and have been living on the earth for hundreds of millions of years. The strength of the life force of the cockroach is enough to use a metaphor called "life force as much as cockroach ", but the creature " emerald cockroach " is a natural enemy that makes zombie "cockroach". Researchers have reported that cockroaches are fighting with "karate kick" against such emerald cockroaches.

How Not to Be Turned into a Zombie - FullText - Brain, Behavior and Evolution - Karger Publishers

Cockroaches deliver karate kicks to avoid being turned into "zombies" | Ars Technica

Emerald cockroach female female is known for extremely terrible ecology for cockroaches, stinging poisonous needles into cockroaches and turning them into "obedient zombies". After being poisoned and being zombied cockroaches kept on keeping motion for about 30 minutes, it gets dragged very slowly and is brought to the nest while following the emerald cockroach.

And it is said that cockroaches will lay eggs in their abdomen in their nests and will continue to stay still without escape. When the egg hatches, the larvae enter the body of the cockroach, eaten the internal organs to such an extent that the cockroaches do not die for several days, eventually they will come out of the cockroach's body in the form of adults.

However, it was revealed by Mr. Ken Catania 's research that studies the behavior of predator and non-predator at Vanderbilt University that cockroaches are not just being trapped by emerald cockroaches. The method of defense of cockroach studied by Mr. Catania can be seen in the following movie.

Karate kicks keep cockroaches from becoming zombies, wasp chow

Emerald cockroach is a natural enemy for cockroaches ... ...

As you jump to cockroaches, first inject poisons that will cockroach feet. After that, once again poisoned needle is piercing from the throat of the cockroach to the brain and injecting poison to turn it into "obedient zombies".

A cockroach that has been zombieized is waiting for the destiny to become a feed for larvae of emerald cockroach.

However, according to Mr. Catania, cockroaches are not stolen without resistance.

It is said that weapons of cockroaches are "karate kicks".

In the movie photographed by Mr. Catania, cockroaches bulge up hind legs against the emerald cockroach that got behind themselves ......

I asked for a kick to the head as it was.

Emerald cockroaches are not likely to die from this kick, but they said they had given up attacks on cockroaches.

There are several thorns on the legs of cockroach, and if it hits directly it can cause considerable damage.

In fact, 63% of cockroaches could escape from the attack of emerald cockroaches if they could defend by Karate Kick.

In addition, Mr. Catania says that the survival rate from the emerald cockroach is higher for adult cockroaches than for young cockroaches, whether it requires a certain amount of experience to defend against karate kicks.

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