'Advance giant' made a live-action film in Hollywood, directed by Andy Mousquieti of 'IT / It'

It was announced that the popular manga " advancing giant " by Isayama Writ of a separate volume junior magazine serialization will be made into a live-action film by Andy Musquiety, directed by "IT / It" if it sees it ".

'Advance giant' Hollywood version live action movie decision decided!
(PDF file) https://www.kodansha.co.jp/upload/pr.kodansha.co.jp/files/pdf/2018/20181030_Shingeki_Hollywood.pdf

Warner / Brothers is responsible for production and distribution, and production is Haydey Films, who produced "Harry Potter" series and "Zero Gravity" series. Producer is Barbara Musquieti whose older sister, Mr. Mashi Oka, known for the appearance of "Zero Gravity" David Hayman, drama "HEROS / Heroes" appearance, and his director. According to the person in charge of "Advance Giant", the original creator Isayama creation seems to be hoping for "the best selection possible now".

"Advance giant" depicted the battle between Ellen and the giant who admired the outside world not yet seen in the world dominated by the giant who boasts overwhelming power and humanity is locked in "the wall" Dark fantasy cartoon.

The series starts in 2009, and TV animation starts from 2013. The first half of Season 3 was broadcasted in the summer of 2018, and the broadcast of the second half of Season 3 was decided in the spring of 2019. Also, as a compilation, three movie versions were produced.

TV anime "Advance Giant" Season 3

In addition, in the summer of 2015, live-action films were made by director Shigeo Higuchi who is known for special effects (special skill) director of Heisei "Gamera" series and "Japan sinking" in front and rear composition.

Movie 'Advance Giant ATTACK ON TITAN' Promotion Video - YouTube

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