In the game being played the most in the world, cheetahs are isolated and gangsters

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The " League of Legend ", which is said to be the most played game in the world, forms a big player community where the official professional league exists. However, some players also use "cheetah" to work cheating such as using cheat tools and falsifying data. The official blog summarizes how the cheat team of Riot Games who developed "League of Legends" crack down on cheetahs.

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According to Riot Games, there are three types of misconduct, roughly "scripting", "boosting", "botting". Scripting is a cheating act that raises the winning percentage of a game by using an unofficial malicious tool. Boosting is a cheating act that a player with a high skill receives a consideration and acts on game play. Botting is a program called "bot" that automatically manipulates characters to earn experience values.

Scripting seems to be discovered relatively quickly although it has become clever every year. Riot Games' cheat team says that it has suspended more than 7 million accounts that scripted in the past 3 years. Among them, 5 million accounts are from Chinese. .

According to a survey of the cheat group, the number of cheetahs that steadily scripts are decreasing by positively stopping accounts that made fraud, and the winning rate of scripting cheetah is around 60 to 65% It seems that it has settled to 50 to 55%.

As a countermeasure against boosting, it is decided by algorithm to determine whether there is a gap between the skill of the player and the rank of the account. Still, boosting is very difficult to discover, it is increasing every year and he is considering a new countermeasure. Riot Games is planning to adopt a compelling measure to identify a game agency that encourages boosting and shut off its connection.

Also, what has changed in the management of Riot Games is measures against botting. According to Riot Games, we are introducing "a system like a fully automatic dishwasher" that lets out bots and humans by machine learning. In other words, the account that is doing the botting is quarantined so that it can battle only with the bot. As a result of that, the example of the botting report in the "League of Legend" ARAM mode is decreasing.

However, even if receiving cheat acts from administrative punishment and stopping account suspension, only 9% of the players will wash foot from scripting again. There is also data that you get an account 5.1 times on average on average until the cheetah uninstalls the game. Riot Games's cheat team said that he has prepared a variety of cheetah countermeasures, and commented that the battle with Cheetah will never end.

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