A movie that Marvel officially introduces the gigantic Robo 'Leopardon' that appeared in 'Spider-Man' made in Japan that was broadcasted 40 years ago is on sale

Speaking of "Spider-Man" is famous as a popular character of Amekomi Hero, but from 1978 to 1979, there is a past that was broadcast as a special effects TV drama in Japan. This is a special drama made based on an American comic popular hero, with formal contract, but the content is not a visualization of the original comic, but a screenplay that Toei created independently, the original is It was a giant robot and a super machine not appearing that appeared. About Maru Robo " Leopardon " appearing in this Toei version Spiderman, Marvel publishing original comics introduces it in the movie.

The giant robots of the 1970's Japanese TV Spider-Man | Earth's Mightiest Show Bonus - YouTube

"Do you know the robot flying in the sky that appeared in the Japanese television program of the 1970s?", Said Langston Berton, moderator of the program who wears a suit with a motif of Spider-Man. "40 years ago, our favorite spider warrior said that the protagonist's program took on the airwaves in Japan," Mr. Rolane Sink wearing a shirt drawn by Heart's Spider-Man replied, Mr. Belton said " From Toei Spider-Man, I will introduce incredible Robo, so please be prepared! "

The Toei version of Spider-Man is almost the same figure as the original Spider-Man. In the original, "The boy Peter Parker who was bitten by a spider at the laboratory got a special ability and will be active to protect peace." Toei version is "Two wheeled racer Takuya Yamashiro came from outer space It is set to fight the iron cross team who gave Spider the power of a spider and killed his father ".

Besides becoming a spider thread launcher, you can also call the Space Battleship Marveler on your wrist bracelet. Spiderman screams "Mavera!" Before the huge enemy.

The earth cracks with roar ... ...

Marveler, who was sleeping on the ground, will start with BGM by Mr. Watanabe Kuniaki backing. A super-huge space battleship Marveler with a total length of 48 meters and a weight of 25,000 tons is a monster machine that can fly in the atmosphere 15 at Mach 15, and in the case of outer space it can fly at near speed of light.

There is no way for the enemy to remain silent until Mavera arrives. Huge enemies attack spiderman on the ground.

A spiderman that avoids enemy attacks with the body's work just like the original.

The spider machine GP - 7 that comes to it. It can fly at a maximum speed of 500 kilometers, at the speed of Mach 5 in the air, and a weapon built in the bonnet is a super machine. Of course, the spider machine GP - 7 is the original vehicle of the Toei version and will not appear in the original comic.

The spider machine GP-7 on which Spider-Man rides is the space battleship Marveler who fly over the sky.

The spider machine GP - 7 is docked to the Marveler bridge from the rear as it is.

Spider-Man sitting in the cockpit of Mavera cried out as "Marveler! Change! Leopardon!" ...

Marveler transforms into a huge robot.

Arms stretched ......

The legs stretched ... ...

Become a giant robot "Leopardon" and land on the ground.

Despite being wrapped in intense explosive flame, Leopardone walks to brave

"Arm rocket!"

A fist is fired from the arm of Leopardon ......

Hit the enemy. However, it seems that we did not receive much damage.

The fist that hit the enemy came back to my arm properly.

Spiderman shouting "Losing ... ... It will not stop!" Although it is a spiderman who sometimes fights an enemy while striking a light mouth in the original, in the Toei version it is becoming a serious spiderman with hot blood.

Leopard died when his legs were restrained by the enemy and he could no longer move.

"Arc turn!"

Leopardon's forehead gleaming brightly ... ...

Flying like a boomerang and attacking enemies.

"Leopardon! Sword Vicar!"

Leopardon pulls out a good sword from his right leg and can hold it.

Towards the enemy ......

Instead of cutting with a sword, I will swing the sword and throw it.

A sword that flees to enemies at a tremendous speed.

Brilliantly, the sword stubbornly sticks to the enemy's chest ...

Large explosion.

"Leopardon is a little old Spider-Man's robot, but he also appeared a bit on the Marvel comic," Spider Bath "at Dan Slots ," says Mr. Sink. "If there is a fight with a huge enemy, I think that it will surely require a huge robot exclusively for Spider-Man," Mr. Belton commented and the movie is over.

In the special effects drama of the Squadron thing, it is promised that the giant robot appears and fight, but Leopardon of the Toei version "Spider-Man" is one of the fire-fighting roles and it is also important in Japanese special effects history It can be said. The Toei version "Spiderman" which has developed its own development in Japan has not been officially mentioned officially from contract and rights issues so far, but celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2018, commemorating it It seems that Marvell deal with it extensively.

In addition, when Leopardon was reimported into the "Spider Bath" of the original comic book, it appeared, it became a big topic among Americom fans.

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