A movie that I heard about researchers who make 'the world's most accurate atomic clock' is being released

" Atomic clock " is a highly accurate watch that uses spectral lines of atoms and molecules. A researcher who made an atomic clock at the world's highest level among such atomic clocks has released movies that heard about the reasons for making atomic clocks and future prospects.

Inside The Most Precise Atomic Clock in the World

The result of research on quantum physics trying to elucidate the phenomena of the world surrounding us ... ...

It became possible to measure "time" very accurately.

How do scientists measure time on the whole?

When asking doubts about time, it comes to be a philosophical question of some kind.

Developing a method to measure accurate time is indispensable to pioneering the world of physics.

The development of highly accurate atomic clocks also leads us to locate the mystery of the universe.

Jun Ye , a professor of physics at the University of Colorado Boulder ... ...

He says that exploring the mysteries of the universe and quantum physical problems are related at the root.

Ye's research team developed the world's most accurate atomic clock.

The atomic clock can observe a trace amount of physical change in the world, and it is also used for research of Albert · Einstein 's general relativity .

"Watch is a quantitative measuring instrument," Ye speaks ... ...

I will explain that accurate time measurement in modern science is very important and the foundation of science is made up of accurate measurements.

Measurement is necessary not only to know the world but also to prove whether the theory is correct or not.

Therefore, the development of an accurate atomic clock is indispensable for reaching deeper into the truth of the world.

It was the Earth biologist Victoria Orphan who visited Mr. Ye to hear about the atomic clock.

Mr. Ye seems to be very favorite for Christopher Nolan 's SF movie " Interstellar ".

"The closer the real world is to the center of the scene, the more the clock progresses slowly," notes Ye ...

"Really?" Mr. Orphan replies.

"Yes, as Einstein preached in general relativity, time is relative," Ye said. If you use a clock that can measure time very accurately like an atomic clock, you can actually observe the phenomenon that the time progresses slightly faster or slower.

No matter how elaborate mechanical watches you bought in Switzerland, each clock has a small error. In order to eliminate the error, atomic clocks measure the time by using atom which is the basis of the substance.

The atomic clock developed by Mr. Ye lined strontium atoms in a cage made with laser light ... ...

Time is measured by atomic vibration.

"Although it may be unbelievable, Mr. Ye told Mr. Oru near the atomic clock while saying jokes," All of this cable has a purpose. "

The two wear sunglasses to prevent strong light, and look at the most accurate atomic clock in the world.

It is said that 10 million strontium atoms are clogged in the vividly blue light.

Although it does not seem to move even with the naked eye, in fact, as many as 10 million strontium atoms vibrate regularly, it looks like a pendulum clock ... ...

This atomic clock will only deviate by less than 1 second even during the period from the beginning of the universe to the end.

Mr. Ye said that measurement using atomic clocks is so exciting to unravel real physical phenomena.

For example put an atomic clock in Yellowstone National Park ......

By measuring the time lag, you can predict that a huge mass is approaching from the ground. In other words, Mr. Ye talked with each other jokingly that it is possible to make an eruption prediction saying "Magma is going to rise from the ground".

Mr. Ye says that many unknown phenomena should be clarified by performing various measurements with the atomic clock.

It is said that the atomic clock can be used not only for phenomena on the earth but also for elucidating the mysteries of the universe such as dark matter and dark energy . For example, sensing a gravitational wave emitted into space when a black hole is created ... ...

It seems that it may be able to observe that the cosmic microwave background radiation released at the time of the big bang comes back from the end of the universe. On the contrary, Mr. Ye believes that using the atomic clock can also cut into the mysteries of the world that humankind has not noticed yet.

Although the mystery of the universe and atomic clock look like another field at first sight, Mr. Ye said that someday the day may come when those two pairs are like a puzzle.

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