Those who are touched by 'Deathrames that seems to be deeply' turned out to be unfriendly in charity

by Christine Vaufrey

A research result was announced that people who are apt to be inadvertently moved by the sentence which is "it is just saying something deep, but in fact no particular meaning" is not keen on contributing to society such as charity .


People who are more receptive to 'pseudo-profound bullshit' are less likely to donate to charity

Mr. Alvid Ellandists who is studying psychology at Lynn Schoping University in Sweden is studying the orientation of social contribution activities such as donation and charity. Mr. Ellandson investigated whether the tendency to be admired by "detalamé having a meaningful connotation but no practical meaning" relates to the orientation towards charity activities.

Ms. Ellandson conducted a questionnaire survey on 506 women and 509 men, totaling 1015 subjects. First of all, the subjects read seven each of "Detallame that seems to say deeply" and seven sentences which is saying "really deep things", for a total of 14 subjects.

There are things such as "The hidden meaning changes to abstract beauty", "Health and patience provide future creativity", and in a sentence that has a meaningful meaning "the flow of the river is It cuts the rock, not by the power of the river, but by the perseverance. "" Your teacher opens the door, but you should walk out there " I will.

After evaluating how much impression the subjects were impressed on 14 sentences, the questionnaire asked "How much charity did you donate in the past year?" And checked the intention to philanthropy about. In addition, "You can skip the following questions, but if you answer the following questions, a survey company will donate charity (5 kronor · approximately 70 yen)" to the questionnaire We also prepared options for subjects to donate to charities by answering them. As for the amount actually answered to the questionnaire, 5 krona from the survey company seems to have been donated to the charity organization.

As a result of the survey, not only was there a correlation that people who valued truly meaningful sentences were enthusiastic about philanthropic activities, as well as a correlation that those who appreciated highly meaningful disarmament were unfriendly to charity It was discovered. "I think that this is the first experiment that proved that the ability to distinguish sentences having delicate language from deep meanings is related to actual social activities," Mr. Ellandson said.

According to Mr. Ellandson, the experiment found out this time is a fascinating and interesting little discovery, not a definitive discovery that will have a big impact on academic societies. "As a result of analyzing the survey results, we found a correlation between the power to distinguish sentences with implicit sentences and the sentiments with implications and the motivation to charity activities, but we will explain what mechanisms are underlying. I can not do it, "Mr. Ellandson said.

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