'OPEN LOGOS' that gives free high-quality logos to open source projects

The logo is a symbol of products, companies, projects, which is a very important element that influences images. Aras Atasaygın , a coder and designer, has released " OPEN LOGOS " that distributes such logos to open source projects for free.


OPEN LOGOS is to give the logo displayed on the site to the open source project for free. Click "How it works" shown on the site to get an overview of OPEN LOGOS.

OPEN LOGOS has the following contents.

◆ Granted to ongoing open source projects ◆ Since one logo is given for one project, projects claiming logos never overlap.
◆ All logos have a dedicated GitHub page where you can introduce your project and tell you that you want a logo.
◆ The community can vote for your comments, and you can also vote for another project that wishes to logo ◆ From July 1, 2018 until the end of the month, votes in favor Give one logo one day at a time according to.

The logo on the site at the time of article creation is all 30 kinds below.

When you click the logo "hangry birds" ......

I flew to GitHub . Two kinds of icons, color and monochrome are displayed.

And, a comment is posted under this icon, and each engineer introduces his open source project. There were 2 comments on hangry birds.

One of them has one rating of "bad" and the other one has five ratings of "good". By this evaluation, it is decided which project will be given a logo.

Logos range from abstract to illustrations. I will click on the detective-like logo.

Either white or black is clearly noticeable, but no comment. In other words, there seems to be nobody who wants to use this logo in the project!

However, somewhat abstract logos like dice ......

Comment lines were lined up, and a fierce battle was spreading for the logo get. But since it is not on a first-come-first-served basis, I want this logo! If you think it is possible to join OPEN LOGOS by posting comments from now.

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