What mechanism causes insomnia?

It is common to be troubled by being unable to sleep well enough to be willing to sleep tonight because there is an important event tomorrow. This means that stress may cause chronic insomnia due to stress, in some cases due to the stress of "sleeping!" About important things to eliminate sleep deprivation and prevent insomnia,TED-EdIt is described with animation.

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I can not fall asleep until late at night.

The causes are various, such as having a difficult problem, being excited about a pleasant trip, or being stressful on a job that has not finished.

However, because many people have temporary causes, sleep deprivation will be resolved soon.

But what if the cause of sleeping is "stress to not being able to sleep"?

This mysterious negative chain is at the center of the cause of insomnia as the world's most common sleep disorder.

Elements that hinder sleep include partner's snoring, physical pain ......

There are many things such as mental pain.

Among them, extreme sleep deprivation such as "jet lag" may even make the body clock crazy.

Nonetheless, in most cases sleep deprivation is temporary.

In the end it is attacked by fatigue and falls asleep.

However, respiratory disorders, gastroenteritis, etc. may overwhelm fatigue over a long period of time.

By stacking non sleepless nights ......

The bedroom becomes an uncomfortable space.

With anxiety etc, insomnia is consciously taken.

When the brain is compromised by the stress reaction system ...

In the body, chemical substances such as cortisol and adrenocorticotropic hormone pass through the blood ... ....

Heart rate and blood pressure rise, it makes the body excited.

In such a state, the brain enters a battle state due to a potential foreign enemy ......

It will also respond to minor things such as sound of insects and clock second hand.

The main energy source of the brain is glucose.

If it is healthy, the brain saves glucose for when it is going by lowering the metabolism during sleep.

In PET research, we know that adrenaline interferes sleep of insomnia patients.

Adrenaline increases metabolism.

Then, the brain will continue to work even when you are asleep.

Eventually I will run out of glucose which is the energy source.

Even though I wake up, I feel the tiredness still remains, and the same cycle repeats even if I fall asleep again.

If the feeling that I do not feel like taking a rest with such stress is continued for several months ... ...

I will be diagnosed as chronic insomnia.

I rarely die because of insomnia ... ...

The chemical mechanism is "anxiety attacked" or ...

It resembles the state of depression.

Therefore, if you are suffering from any symptoms of insomnia, anxiety disorder or depression, the risk of falling into the other two conditions increases.

Fortunately there is a way to eliminate the "sleep deprivation" cycle.

A good sleeping habit is effective as insomnia measures. Before going to bed, stop using exciting items such as PCs and smartphones ......

Darken the bedroom ......

Lower the room temperature to a comfortable level.

It is important to minimize irritation when sleeping.

If your bedroom is uneasy, you can rest at your relaxing place, such as on a living room sofa.

Metabolism can be adjusted by keeping time of sleeping and getting up consistent ......

The body clock also functions correctly.

Because the biological clock is sensitive to light stimulation, it is important to avoid bright light at night. With this, you can tell me that it is time to sleep on your body.

In addition to these methods, some doctors may prescribe "sleeping pills".

However, sleeping pills are not effective in all cases.

Commercially available sleeping pills are highly addictive, so they may worsen symptoms.

Before receiving a prescription, it is important to make sure that your chronic sleep deprivation state is "insomnia".

8% of patients diagnosed with chronic insomnia are "DSPDI am suffering from a genetic problem called "

People with DSPD have a circadian rhythm longer than 24 hours, so they do not mesh with sleeping habits in the general life cycle.

For people with DSPD, it is difficult to fall asleep at a typical bedtime time, but it is not caused by stress.

Therefore, by delaying the schedule, you can have a good night's sleep.

The cycle of sleeping and waking up is based on a delicate balance.

Successful use of this balance is essential for maintaining physical and mental health, so it can be said that it is worthwhile to take stable sleeping habits.

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