While deciding stylish pick-up, London / Paris Pro BMX riders run around and down

BMXAnd is a type of bicycle competition, it is a sports competing speed with a durable and lightweight dedicated bicycle and competing skill in running the gyu. It is a professional BMX riderNigel SylvesterA movie running on and around London and Paris' town all the time, sometimes having a meal or falling in love is on YouTube.

Nigel Sylvester | GO London to Paris

The movie was taken from Mr. Sylvester's point of view. Running in the city of London that was wet with rain, a group of boys riding on ranked from the other side.

Mr. Sylvester who passed with the boys made a U turn ......

I began to run with the boys.

When thinking to say "Nice!" To a young man who shows acrobatic music performance ......

The place switches and the landscape that appears like a practice spot of X sports appears.

Of course, Mr. Sylvester also shows a great technique. It is very fresh to see from the rider 's point of view, the eyes will turn around.

When turning the view point to the hand and turning the handle with the crew ... ...

Again the viewpoint switches, Mr. Sylvester seems to be running some way. Again BMX riders who took part in the movie showed me how to play guitar.

continueParkourA young man who runs through the streets casually appears.

Then, Mr. Silvester was lined up in the start line of the BMX race unnoticed.

Sometimes jumping and jumping around the undulating course ......

In the next moment fencing started for some reason.

When you decide the strike and take points from your opponent ......

Purchased carbonated drink to moisturize the throat.

I will exchange touch with a young man who was laping in front of the cashier friendly.

When I arrived, I started re-launching a street trip.

Then I found a roller coaster.

The next moment, Ms. Silvester was on a roller coaster.

While watching the movie from the perspective of Mr. Sylvester who cries while shouting "Aaaaa !!", it makes me feel like riding a roller coaster.

Outside the amusement park, a black rolls royce, a polite driver seemed waiting.

Keep an important bicycle ... ...

Enjoy tea time gracefully while watching animation in the car.

I returned the drinking tea cup and received my bicycle ......

I started running on a bicycle again.

Mr. Sylvester who runs lying down with skateboarder who decides skill brilliantly.

Mr. Sylvester also loses and slips the bicycle on the railing.

At the end I will part with high touch.

While running on a bicycle, a passing young man took a picture with a Polaroid camera.

Subsequently, Mr. Sylvester was forced to run a running T-shirt with a number ... ...

Put the bicycle and join the marathon.

Mr. Sylvester purchased a new white sneaker at a shoe store, because he wanted new shoes.

CipherI thought I was bothered by a woman inside ... ...

I choked chicken with another woman.

Bicycle through the traffic jams and run lightly ......

Take the train.

It seems I arrived in Paris, thinking how far I am going.

Apparently it seems to have been with a woman of intention for a while.

Run through the city of Paris with a women's scooter ......

Take self as taking the Arc de Triomphe.

Kissing with a woman ... ...

What a viewpoint was switched to the female side.

Mr. Sylvester who decides the acrobatics even in the town of Paris.

Two people got into a merry-go-round and run around ... ...

I will kiss and my viewpoint will return to Mr. Sylvester.

Mr. Sylvester draws a hand of a woman ......

The scene goes inside the house.

Two people in a nice atmosphere.

Then, incoming from acquaintance. When Mr. Sylvester murms "I have to go" ...

"Do not be silly!" An angry woman will be beaten with a cushion.

Mr. Sylvester who was laid off the woman was still bicycling.

I will start basketball with a mysterious color basketball court.

Catch the rebound ... ...

For some reason I took a soccer ball in hand, and I switched to a different place a while ago.

After the PK Showdown ......

I left the stadium behind.

Many cars and motorcycles pass through the streets going through ... ...

I will speak to the dancing girl.

Mr. Sylvester overlooking the streets of Paris from a high place, suddenly switched from viewpoint.

The path of high-rise building also rushed by bicycle ......

Painting abstract painting at the museum where you stopped.

It was Ms. Sylvester who is swiftly caught by a acquaintance scooter ... ...

I will crash the truck.

I was treated for injured teeth.

When you go outside, the city of Paris is at night, and the Eiffel Tower that shines glitter is in front of you.

At the end of the day, a calm little shop.

Tweeting murmuring cigars as "Life is good", Mr. Sylvester's night will pass. It was a playful movie that seemed to be fun just by watching it.

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