I tried using a desktop light "TaoTronics LED desk light TT-DL 043" that can also be used as a wireless charger for smartphones

Wireless chargers such as smartphones tend to narrow the top of the desk just by placing them even when not in use, as the space for placing the smartphone on the main body is necessary. So, in order to make effective use of the space on the desk, we installed smartphone wireless charger on the base of desk light "TaoTronics LED Desk Light TT-DL 043I tried using it.

Amazon | TaoTronics LED Desk Light High Speed ​​Wireless Charge Compatible HyperAir Technology Qi Chargeable 7 Stages Brightness 5 Colors Temperature USB Charging Port With Eye-Friendly Memory Function Touch Sensor Dimming [One Year Safety Guarantee] TT - DL 043 | TaoTronics | Desk Light mail order

TaoTronics LED desk light TT - DL 043 was in a box characterized by yellow and black coloring.

When opening the box, the interior is firmly protected with polystyrene foam.

Inside TaoTronics LED Desk Light TT - DL 043 Body · Power Adapter · Instructions were included.

Try spreading the TaoTronics LED desk light TT - DL 043 and this is like this. The round base is about 20 cm in diameter, the length of the support extending from the base is about 40 cm, the LED light part is about 35 cm in length. The body weighs 915 g.

In the base part there is a round wireless charging port, a power button built in the touch sensor, a color temperature change button built in the touch sensor, and a brightness adjustment button built in the touch sensor.

On the back, there was a USB port that can charge external devices and a power port for powering the TaoTronics LED desk light TT - DL 043 main unit.

On the back side of the foundation is a soft material slip stop affixed, so it does not slide even on a table or the like.

To prepare to use the TaoTronics LED desk light TT - DL 043, just connect the power adapter to the power port on the back and plug it into an outlet.

Tap the power tap panel with your finger ......

The LED light turned on.

The support of the TaoTronics LED desk light TT - DL 043 can be tilted backwards by 150 degrees ......

You can also rotate 90 degrees in total by 45 degrees to the left and right.

In addition, the LED light part at the tip of the support can be expanded to 135 degrees.

The angle of the light can be rotated to the right and left 90 degrees respectively, and you can move freely towards the place where you want to hit light.

The brightness adjustment panel of the foundation glows with a blue light and the current brightness is represented.

Swipe the brightness adjustment panel with your finger to brighten the LED light ......

It is possible to make it dark. Brightness can be adjusted from 7 levels in all.

Also, by tapping the color temperature change tap panel, you can cool the color temperature of LED light ......

You can warm it up or adjust it. Color temperature can be selected out of 5 stages in all.

Tap the power strip panel to turn off the LED lights.

Actually this is the situation that I adjusted the brightness and color temperature of TaoTronics LED Desk Light TT - DL 043 with tap.

I tried adjusting the brightness & color temperature of desktop light TaoTronics LED desk light TT-DL 043 wirelessly chargeable to smartphone

TaoTronics LED desk light The base of TT - DL 043 is equipped with wireless charging pad ... ...

Wireless charging is possible simply by putting Qi compatible equipment such as iPhone X · 8 · 8 P and Samsung Galaxy S 8 · S 7 · Note 8 on the pad. I tried wirelessly charging the iPhone X until the battery became full from the empty state, it took about 3 hours and 50 minutes.

Even if the light is not on, wireless charging is possible.

If you use the USB port on the back of the main unit, you can also charge devices that are not compatible with wireless charging.

In addition, the TaoTronics LED desk light TT - DL 043 is scheduled to be released on Amazon from Friday 15 June 2018, and the reservation price at the time of article creation is 4599 yen (including tax).

TaoTronics LED desk light TT - DL 043 High speed wireless charging compatible HyperAir technology Qi Charge compatible 7 levels brightness 5 color color temperature USB with charging port Eye friendly memory function touch sensor dimming [One year security] TT - DL 043

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