A fierce man who created a huge robot that can get on and get on board with parts purchased on eBay

A humanoid robot of the type that can get on and maneuver into a cockpit such as Mazinger Z, Gundam, Evangelion, etc. is a longing for men's age, but he created a huge robot that can be steered by using parts purchased on eBay of auction & EC site Tsuwamono appeared.

Homemade Hydraulic Hulkbuster - YouTube

YouTuer's knowledge is made by processing any part purchased on eBay at his own workshop to create anything.colinfurzeMr. On this day the tension is higher than usual.

As the masterpiece of Colinfurze, the following "Hover bike" is famous.

A fierce man who made a self-made hover bike that really can fly in the air appeared - GIGAZINE

The reason for the high tension is that the humanoid robot "Homemade Hydraulic Hulkbuster" which finally gets in and can steer is completed.

Punch the switch!

The armor part of the chest slowly lifted up.

Colinfurze to get on the robot.

"It may be the most complicated thing I have ever made."

Everything is original design by colinfurze, even has a place to put a mug.

Equipment such as a hydraulic pump is tightly on the back. All these are made on eBay.

The size of the robot protrudes from the courtyard.

Even if you jump, colinfurze is excited to be big enough to reach the head.

The controller that manipulates the robot is like this.

Bring the controller and colinfurze moves the robot ......

Somewhere jerky movement robot.

Behind the scenes, the movement of the robot is fierce and the comfort of the cockpit seems to be pretty bad.

Push up the black lever upwards ......

The robot stretched out his knee and stood upright. The total length is huge as 3.2 meters.

A robot that spreads both arms and twists the upper body.

Punch the button

The burner ignited ...

Flame started from the left hand.

Operating another lever ......

Rocket punch with sharp right hand! .

It is the power that the figure blows away.

It is also possible to open the head part.

In an effort to show the power of the robot, we decided to lift colinfurze with your left hand.

Tightly knurled around a round winding with black tape, it is a rough treatment.

When the robot moves the arm to lift colinfurze, the balance collapses and the body tilts to such an extent that it is likely to collapse still.

Still robot lifting colinfurze. Colinfurze's body is in contact with the walled sheet.

Judging that it is dangerous, my colleagues rush around, but colinfurze keeps laughing.

I could save the tape by removing the chair and rescuing it.

The hydraulic pump purchased on eBay showed its power a lot.

Although it is a quite versatile robot, colinfurze who just said that "it is not like this yet".

The robot can fire with a barbecue.

If you want to change the TV channel ......

Push the remote control with the rocket punch OK.

If you look at the remote control being blown away, you can get excited with the TV.

Because it carries the light, it is also possible to emit light in the dark.

It is also possible to crush the coconut.

It is also possible to crush bricks.

Even if it is trapped, you can crush the door and escape.

colinfurze accomplished the feat of building a huge robot that can be steerable at home.

The production scene of the huge robot Homemade Hydraulic Hulkbuster is released in the following movie.

Making the Hulkbuster Part 1 - Legs, Huge Hydraulic Legs - YouTube

Making the Hulkbuster Part 2 - Body Arms and hips - YouTube

Choose parts on eBay ......

Welding landscape

Cut out of steel plate



Test scenery is also included.

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