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TV anime broadcast from April 2017 "Correct answer Cad"12.5 story" KADO: Beyond Information "will be delivered on YouTube for a limited time until 10:00 on June 4 (Monday).

【Official】 Correct answer Kad 12.5 story KADO: Beyond Information - YouTube

The contents of the movie class that there are two hours in the summary of the first episode to the twelfth episode (the final story) plus a new expansion, the animation film festival which was actually held in Czech Republic "AniFilm 2018The screening was done with.

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

Developed "bacteria-containing T-shirt" in which MIT opens vents by responding to sweat - GIGAZINE

A star called 'Huge building of aliens' starts flashing again - GIGAZINE

The most mental health bad application is "Instagram" - GIGAZINE

Five books that Bill · Gates told me to "reconsider my thoughts" - GIGAZINE

"Quantz" algorithm makes investment decisions rather than humans dominates Wall Street - GIGAZINE

How intestines affect human's mood - GIGAZINE

Why is there more than 2000 languages ​​in Africa? - GIGAZINE

There is also the possibility to replace existing meal to print food with 3D printer - GIGAZINE

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Nihon Uni "Comment refrain!" Kansai "Do not be afraid!" Tonkatsuya "Let me answer": Kini

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【Movie】 The world's largest kabuto, larva also sausage large | National Geographic Japanese version site

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Ministry of Finance, Morigu Negotiable Record to Promote Disposal Along with Document Tamper Record: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"Premier asked by an acquaintance of Mrs. Prime Minister" Mr. Akie with staff, telephone to Ministry of Finance - Kyodo News

Osaka District Court, Mr. and Mrs. Kankei's bail subsidy fraud case: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Decisions to accept bail of Naokoke and others Osaka District Court | NHK News

Japan Great American football team Director Uchida "Exclusive self-tape of 14 minutes" exclusively opened | Bun Ho Online

Furthermore, he was told the comment that "The game was broken by that (malicious tackle)" directed by Hidetaka Toriuchi of Sekirosu, "he said.

"Tell me, the science of a few years ago is the most dirty,"

What is the university that makes students feel like this? Nippon Daigaku Tackle issue: current affairs dot com

Mr. Taisuke Miyakawa of Japan College Nippon Keidani who committed a foul, due to a dangerous tackle problem, on the 22nd, he told himself that he himself said in Tokyo. If circumstances were true, the guidance of the Japan-big and amef floor department and the response after the incident including the university headquarters were also horribly sneaky.
According to Miyagawa, according to Mr. Masato Uchida (then) directed by Uchida Masato (then) he was told that "I do not know if there is motivation or not, I will not give out to the game and I can quit." It is three days before the regular game with Kwansei Gakuin Univ. Where there was a danger tackle. The next day, the university world championship representative was also declined, and on the 5th of the previous day, the word "Directed by Uchida coach" by Inoue Kurauchi "I will put out the opponent's QB by the first play" was transmitted.
Inoue Coach "Coach" Please use me as you go to crush QB "told the director," If you can injure QB of your opponent and you can not get out of the fall match, you will get this " "We recognized that" crush "is" saying in the sense of causing injuries. "

Director - The defense line of Nippon College who was instructed by the coach to infringe on interviews - Baseball · Magazine Company WEB
Statement Full text document available.

"Crush" "Meaning and hit" meaning Nikkei comment | NHK News

"Crush" means "hit from the beginning" meaning Nippon College - general sports, tennis, basketball, rugby, amefoot, fighting sports, land: asahi newspaper digital

"Crush QB" is "hit hard and the words often used before the game" Nippon Public Relations Department comments / sports / daily sports online

There was no remark that the director instructed a violation in the whole interview, but it is a fact that there was a word from "coach" to "kill QB of the opponent" in the first play. However, this is a term often used before the game at the university football club, meaning "to hit hard from the first play". If I misunderstood it, I am worried that I was short of words.

Japan Air Footballer American Football Uchida coach is also known as "the next president" - zakzak

As well as being a manager, after graduating from Nihon University I am also an employee who got a job at a university. From the position of Director of Health and Physical Education, after working as a director, he is now a managing director with only five people. Nippon Oil stakeholders reveal.

"Mr. Uchida is a" Nichidai elite "who has been on the career path.The Niigata University has a Health and Physical Education Council that distributes the number of people entering the athletic meet and the budget, the top of which is Mr. Uchida. Currently President Hidetoshi Tanaka, this position is said to be a successful battle course of the Japanese university.

Mr. Uchida is also a personnel department manager and also has personnel rights. It is seen as an aide of Mr. Tanaka within the campus, and if you have anything in the chief executive, next is Uchida "who is said to be a masterpiece

The director of the American football club resigned, but the position of university's managing director will continue.

Amehut: Director Kansaku, respecting the Japanese players "Truth told me" - Mainichi Newspaper

Also, Yasutoshi Okuno (52), a victim's father who submitted a damage report to the police on the 21st, and a press conference, also commented. Mr. Okuno said, "I remember fierce anger, directors and coaches were trying to injure my son from the beginning, it is absolutely unacceptable," criticized the Japanese university. Although he was also considering withdrawing the damage report, he said that he was in a situation where he was forced to consider criminal charges as well. For Nippon Athlete, he said, "I would like to compensate for what I've done and revitalize, thank you for speaking the truth with courage."

When should I apologize for the Nihon University American football club at what timing? - That, I will illustrate.

After all, what is necessary for crisis management is

· Grasp the objective and correct truth at an extremely early stage.

· Investigation by a free third party from the influence of the director and school power.

· Internal audit, a firm internal criticism system.

· To think about what you do with the premise that you understand firmly about your opponent, yourself (that departmental activity is a place of education).

· It is said that lies and deception are sure to happen.

Is not that it?

Composition of a gang yakuza group, a composition of a young head and an iron gun, a danger tackle problem of the Japan Football Club section: Market situation Kabu full force 2 stories

Epidemic department store Nihon University - Hagex-day info

Japan big university problem, Japanese college correspondence is useless, fucking, it is a warm-up! There is an indication that, but that is an ordinary story. The director of the University of Tokyo and its surroundings have decayed, and Mr. Uchida, director of American football, is also a managing director who holds human rights. There is a demand for dismissal against him, but the same problem will happen unless Mr. Hidefusi Tanaka of the current president and his faction are not disappointed.

Below is a two-shot picture of Mr. Hidetoshi Tanaka and Yamaguchi-gumi 6th generation, but one piece that you can see well the nihama's damperi.

THE PAGE (THE PAGE) The Uchida coach 's four unfaithful "lies" and contradiction points found at a courageous interview

The "distorted composition" in the essence of Japan-American football problem: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Morihito, Mr. Murakami "Moritomo · additive problem, similar to malicious tackle" Asahi Shimbun Digital

I'm talking about the National Assembly or neglecting the Diet. Even just having been doing things that public servants (Kobo) can not do the best for about two years is worth a death.

Additive problem: Orbit amendment by "new evidence" remarks Prime minister say jiwari retreat - Mainichi Newspaper

Prime Minister is a longtime friend's thought 'should have known' Mr. Ishinagi, Mr. Matsui: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Close-up 2018: Ehime prefecture new document After a favorable addition, official residence asking, Mr. Yanase 's driving force - Mainichi Newspaper

An interview with Mr. Kazuhiro, in the "Prime Minister Today" on that day is ...? : Asahi Shimbun Digital

"Mori" negotiating record Director of the Board of Management stolen instructions | NHK News

Submitted a forest friend negotiation record that should be "discarded" Documents before alteration: Asahi Shimbun Digital

During bullying dispute, school diary discarded Kyoto, disclosure request two months after: Kyoto newspaper

Kyoto: arrested young man "Kotatsu on the road" Two people, including Kyoto University graduate students - Mainichi Newspaper

Broiler but 'chicken' display ... 'Tsukada Farm': Society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

From the lunch box of the frog to the gust salad Kumamoto: Asahi Shimbun Digital

President Trump 's US - North Korea Summit "Possibility not to be held on June 12" | NHK News

CNN.co.jp: Lava flow reaches the geothermal power plant, the fear of explosion also erupting Hawaii

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Soseki's autograph, letter addressed to a friend "Ribotoshiden gonoeiyo": Asahi Shimbun Digital

Boiled Hamami Don bowl - Pal

Well, the blog is late from the manga but goes without worrying about it. This is Kuwana's clam that was my home and tax payment. I do not understand taxes well, so I feel relieved because I think it probably got fucking deficits householdly. It's expensive

Question as to why he is disgusted with a small one's girl who cries when practicing athletic meetings is disliked, as a result of a microcosm of Japan → various opinions - Togetter

A 40-year old man may travel together to travel

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New version of niconico (mu) starts on June 28th | Nico Nico Info

About the quality of Japanese engineers - The president's blog working in Europe

Amazon Japan Corporation, Technical Officers and others to recruit 1 thousand people: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Development of AI tool "ADVANCED CREATIVE MAKER" (β version) to automatically generate banner - News Release List - News - Dentsu

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Splatoon 2 Octo-Expansion Play image # 04 Honka Kuukueigawa Station - YouTube

"Detroit: Become Human" Short Film # 1 "KAMSKI" - YouTube

Talk of a girls erotic girl who died secretly next to an eroge for a dying male. - Tratumumi blog

The sin and punishment of the square that provided information on lies to Kuroimoto - Final Defense Line 3

Comic LO raises 180 yen to increase manuscript fee to writers - Togetter

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"Climbers of pros and cons arguments" Who was Kurisiro Fumita? Bunshun Online

The university teacher talks about the memories of Mr. Furu Kurisi - Togetter

Risk picture betting on the "drinking cup" of the mountaineering mountaineering climb, Everest climb 8 international news: AFPBB News

Unnatural odds, Kanazawa horse racing "alien insurgency" suspicion: sports: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Why is the screening schedule of the Cinemacon an official announcement? Real Sound | Real Sound Movie Dept.

Whether the movie will hit or not, I do not know until I try it eventually. Although it is rare to remove the big prediction, it is rare, but depending on the customer seats it will not be crowded biased towards a certain day or time zone, or not only the problem of box office performance of the piece alone, but also the screening works of the same period, Fluctuation will also occur depending on the success or failure of the target work, so I will not be easy.

Receiving actual figures, how quickly and flexibly the theater, number of times, and time can be changed becomes the point of cinema contest. One of the major reasons that not only the Greei presentation of the screening schedule but also many net movie theaters is ordinary net purchases two or three days before the appreciation day is that, according to the numbers on Saturday, the schedule change on Wednesday It is to make it possible. Depending on the work it is to prevent the loss on Wednesday which may exceed the number of Saturdays and Sundays.

The logic of the cinema side is such a place. You will be able to think that there is one. But, I do not like this. The circumstances of the viewer are missing at all. It is a big mistake to think that it is natural that you have continued this style for over 20 years.

Watching that the audience rating of Taiga "Saigo Don" is stagnant Imaiichi: Entertainment: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE) 1/4

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(PDF file)Takanashi Kokutto Milk Roja Tea Latte for a limited time new release

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