"AR Tatekan" to revive upright signs around Kyoto University that was removed by AR

Kyoto University removed a signboard that was lined around the Yoshida campus in Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City on May 13, 2018, but after that the students rebuilt the signs that the students removed, and the Kyoto University side later The university side and the student side to do the second removalSkirmish is going on. Under such circumstances, if the signboard was removed, it would be better to rebuild it with virtual reality "AR TatekanKyushu University students who created "

You can check what AR Tatekan is like from the following movie.

The Hyakugarimaku intersection reflected by the photographer crossing a pedestrian crossing looks like a strange road.

However, when looking closely, the yellow signboard opposite the floating floating above the car every time a taxi passes.

It moves like this further. The angle of the signboard changed a bit.

It is a familiar scene around Kyoto University.

I will cross the pedestrian crossing and approach the signboard.

The state of approaching a sign further from the following movie.

"Let's build a stand-up sign quickly and get up and down". It is a realistic look that feels like handmade ... ...

The signboard is AR so you can slip through. From the back side, letters are turned upside down.

Looking from the right side like this.

Moreover, the state seen from a place a little away is from the following.

Walk a little while holding the smartphone and leave the signboard.

In retrospect, the signboard was transparent from Ishigaki.

AR Tatekan was made by Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto UniversityHeheMr. AR Tatekan uses technology that is marker less type vision base ARThings that you are usingIt is told that "It was the most difficult thing that we had to go around the Hyumo-ko crossroad and raise the smartphone and continue turning the camera to the place where there is nothing and walking around the same place."

AR Tatekan at night is like this. It has a tremendous presence.

◆ Omake
In addition, when it was announced that the maintenance of sidewalks by removing the stone wall facing the Hyakugeki crossing in the autumn of 2004 was announced, the students of Kyoto University gave the opposite voice, and above the stone wall, on the ground 5 "Ishigaki Cafe" opened in the place of meters. According to Wikipedia, at the Ishigaki Cafe, which is open 24 hours a day, drinks are offered inexpensively, goods are also sold and brought in to the vice president of the passing stall, squatting beans and screaming for the second half of the examination It seems that it was also seen.

Ishigaki Cafe - Wikipedia

The state at that time is also published on the following blog.

Kyoto University Ishigaki Cafe!

Ishigaki Cafe is a small hut built on a sign called "Ishigaki withdrawal".

This is the inside of the cafe. There is a stove on the desk.

It looks like there were drinks, coffee and tea. Kyoto University public relations were also placed.

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