Grandpa with golden arm who saved 240 million babies with blood donation finished the last blood donation in my life

James Harrison of Australia has saved the lives of more than 2.4 million babies in past blood donation activities though it is said that three lives can be saved by one blood donation. Mr. Harrison who has offered such "blood of God" did the last blood donation for his lifetime.

James Harrison - Pioneer of Australia's Anti-D program | Australian Red Cross Blood Service

Final donation for man who blood helped save 2.4 million babies

The way the Harrison saved the life of more than 240,000 babies by blood donation is explained in the following movie.

Son sang a sauvé 2 millions de bébés - YouTube

Although blood is known to have the Rh formula in addition to the ABO expression, a "Rh type blood type incompatible pregnancy" in which a Rh (-) type pregnant woman pregnant with a Rh (+) type baby can occur .

In this case, the blood (red blood cells) of the baby who entered the mother's blood is regarded as a foreign body, and a protein called "anti D antibody" is made. When a mother who made this antibody, then pregnancy of Rh (+) type baby, baby's erythrocyte is attacked by anti-D antibody, it is known that anemia and brain damage are caused or miscarriage is caused It is done.

So, the vaccine "anti-D human immunoglobulin preparation" to prevent attack by anti-D antibody was developed in the 1960's, but Harison, who has special blood to make this vaccine, We have continued to provide blood for vaccine manufacture so far.

Harrison saved lives of more than 2.4 million babies by providing blood plasma necessary for vaccine production by blood donation of 1000 times or more. Mr. Harrison was nicknamed "a man with a golden arm", and in 1999 he was awarded a medal from the Australian government.

Mr. Harrison has done 500 to 800 ml blood donation every week. The blood donation that was done so far is that it is 1162 times from the right arm and 10 times from the left arm. And 81 - year - old Mr. Harrison did the last lifetime blood donation at the Town Hall Donor Center, which was the 1173th time. In order to protect Harrison 's health which had already exceeded the age limit to become a donor, the medical institution seems to have made a decision that this blood donation is the last.

In the last blood donation, baby mothers who saved their lives by Mr. Harrison-derived vaccine rushed.

With the retirement of a man with a golden arm, vaccines will be made in the future by blood provided by 160 donor registrants in Australia.

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