The name of Leonardo DiCaprio is attached to a new aquatic beetle

Taking the name of the actor Leonardo DiCaprio who won the Academy's Best Actor Award in the movie 'Revenant: Reviving', a new discovered in MalaysiaAquatic beetleBut"Gurberinas · Leonardo DiCaprioli(Grouvellinus leonardodicaprioi) "was named.

Three new species of Grouvellinus Champion, 1923 from Maliau Basin, Sabah, Borneo, discovered by citizen scientists during the first Taxon Expedition (Insecta, Coleoptera, Elmidae)

Citizen scientists discover a new water beetle and name it after Leonardo DiCaprio | EurekAlert! Science News

This insect was found in Malaysia, Borneo IslandMaryuu-Basin protected area.

The survey was conducted by the University of Ateneo de Manila in the Philippines and the Taxon expedition team, organized by private scientists. That state is released on the official channel of Taxon Expedition Corps.

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"Newly found animals may be given celebrity names"

One of the clues that are named is looks. For example, Mizudani found in Puerto Rico "Litarachna lopezae"Is derived from Jennifer Lopez.

Spiders confirmed in Malaysia in 2008 "Heteropoda · David Bowie"It comes from David Bowie.

Three new aquatic beetles were discovered in Malaysia this time, one of which was named "Gurberinas · Leonardo di Caprioli".

"Gulberinas"Is a kind name," Leonardo di Capriori "of course comes from the actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Jennifer · Lopez and David · Bowie were the triggers of the name, such as the similarity with the appearance of the insects, but in the case of DiCaprio it was that he was keen on the environmental protection movement. The name is that the research team and staff have decided to vote after seeking a plan.

The state of the investigation looks something like this.

It is unknown whether the waterfall itself is reflected here, but Gurberinas · Leonardo DiCaprioli is found in the waterfall.

To celebrate this, DiCaprio has added a picture of this Gurberinas Leonardo di Caprioli to their Facebook time-limited profile photo.

Grouvellinus leonardodicaprioi
Photo Credit: Taxon Expeditions / Hendrik Freitag

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