Project to create genes with virus resistance by editing genes started


"Genome editing technology"Is a technology that creates cells and living things with the genetic information that you desire by editing the genetic information contained in the DNA. May 1, 2018, is an international research institute of Harvard UniversityWyss Institute of BiotechnologyIs a French biopharmaceutical companyCellectis, And human and other speciesCell lineHas been announced that it has tied up with the aim of editing the whole genome contained in "virus tolerance" so that it has "virus tolerance".

Harvard's Wyss Institute Partners with Cellectis to Recode the Human Genome | Business Wire

Cellectis is a type of lymphocyteT cellsGenetically modifiedChimeric antigen receptor (CAR-T)Was used,CAR-T therapyIt is a company known for having technology. Wyss Bioengineering Laboratories and Cellectis are planning to produce genes designed to be resistant to viruses while performing their normal functions as cells.

Previously, the research group of Wyss Institute for Biotechnology Laboratories edited the genome of E. coli and functions as a protein design drawingmRNAThe above base sequence "Codon"From the usual 64 to 63, making E. coli resistant to many viruses. From now on, we will tie up with external organizations and start trying to have virus resistance also in human cells.

A research group at the Wyss Institute of Biotechnology Institute says, "The treatment with cells with virus tolerance produced by genome editing can serve more effective treatments than trying to create new vaccines or transplantable organs There is sex. "


Due to the establishment of this alliance, the research group of Wyss Bioengineering Laboratories has developed Cellectis'TALEN gene editing technologyAccess to genome editing can be done. TALEN is an artificially produced enzymeTranscription Activator-Like Effector NucleaseAbbreviation for TALEN, it is possible to retrieve a part of the gene, modify it and return it.

Dr. André Choulika, Chief Executive of Cellectis, said: "We are extremely pleased to partner with the Wyss Biotechnology Institute, and we are pleased to be working with Cellectis' genetic editing technology for human and other cell lines I am also excited about the genome editing project, TALEN gene editing technology will become the cutting edge of the genome editing project. "

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