A site closing after receiving the new data protection rule "GDPR" enforced by the EU appears

byD. Sinclair Terrasidius

Within the EU, where the world's most advanced regulations concerning the protection of personal information are going on, from May 25, 2018 "General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)A new data protection rule of enforcing it will be enforced. Too strict regulation of GDPR such as prohibition of taking out user data in the EU region acquired on the website and utilization of collected personal information is severely restricted "Dominate the world"It also adversely affects EU's AI industryCritical opinion such as "is also spouting out. Before such regulation by GDPR, there seems to be a website that closes as "There is no confirmation that it will not be in conflict with GDPR".


The topic of closing down in response to the tone of GDPR is "StreetLendSite called. officialTwitter account"To sadly, StreetLend is over" is tweeted.

StreetLend is a web service to lend and borrow objects from neighboring residents from 2013, mainly in LondonChris BeachIt has been operated as Mr. side project. There seems to be little revenue from StreetLend, but Mr. Beach has been able to continue the operation because of income from the core business.

To use StreetLand, it is necessary to register for free. The lender can lend items that are sleeping in the warehouse and those that are not going to be used for a while at any price including free, and the information on the lendable items was displayed on the map .

When I want to borrow things, I search for things I want to borrow.

If you want to borrow and select the desired meeting place etc. from the form and send it to the lender, you will be able to exchange with each other.

Unfortunately, in April 2018, Mr. Beach closed the service because the EU's GDPR came in force. Mr. Beach said, "The requirement that violates GDPR itself is ambiguous and may be subject to a fine as soon as it is reported. Very regretfully, I am going to say" risk "to keep running StreetLend I can not take it. "

Mr. Beach says that the fine of GDPR violation goes up to 4% of the website's revenue, or 20 million euros (about 2.6 billion yen), Mr. Beach said "Small websites suffer from GDPR harm, And Twitter can handle measures with their own defense team, which is opening up the gap with start-up companies.GDPR is open to inappropriate law which adversely affects business in EU region "I am thinking about the attitude of protesting to GDPR."

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