A picture showing how the place appearing in the record jacket changed after several decades is being released

There are many people who have worried that "Where did you take a picture?" When the landscape is reflected behind a jacket picture such as a CD. Photographer Mr. Alex Birch is one of them, and he likes reggae visiting a shooting location for a jacket photo of a famous reggae song record that has been decades since release. And, by superimposing the jacket picture of the record and the actual shooting place, we are shooting pictures comparing changes of decades. This picture is published in Demilked site which introduces Mr. Birch's Instagram and arts around the world.

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Photographer Spends 10 Years Tracking Down The Original Locations Of Vinyl Covers

The first piece is "Rain" of Bruce Ruffin released in 1971. The photograph of the site was taken in 2015, there was no difference except for the weather at the time of jacket photography even after the 44th day passed, there was hardly any change.

The second piece is "Only A Fool" of Mighty Sparrow, which appeared in 1978. It seems that this jacket picture also does not change compared with the site as of 2015.

Next is Freddie McGregor's "Big Ship". The record was released in 1982, and compared to the photograph taken in 2015 after 33 years, the shape of the ship does not change, but it seems that the painting has changed slightly.

"QUALITY CONTROL" of Jurassic 5 released in 2000. Compared with the actual landscape shot in 2017, there were small changes such as the lack of trees and the addition of crosswalks, but there was no big change like the landscape changed completely.

"THE M AGAIN" of Zem who appeared in 1966. Even though it is compared with the scenery of 2017 which the 51st month's day has passed, it does not change and it seems that time is stopped.

Next is Jackie Edwards's "Sincerely Jackie Edwards". Compared with the landscape shot in 2015 after 37 years, which was released in 1978, it is impressive that the plant which was small in the jacket has changed to a big tree.

Smiley Culture 's "Police Officer" released in 1984. It looks like it has hardly changed from the picture taken in 2015, but the handrail of the jacket picture was black, but 31 years later it turned blue.

"Your Musical Doctor" by Dundee Livingstone who appeared in 1969. At the time of the jacket photo shoot, it seems there was enough thickness to sit on the fence, but in 2015 the shape of the fence became thin and it became difficult to sit.

Next is "Prodigal Son EP" by Kamanchi Sly. This work is a work sold in 2004. The jacket photo is featured under the tower bridge. There was little change compared with what was taken in the same place in 2016 after 12 years.

"Mawood" by Abdul Hallim Hafes released in 1971. At first glance, it seems that there is no big difference between the picture in the jacket and the landscape taken in 2017. If you look closely at the jacket picture, you can see that the car is running in the back, but it is not running in 2017 and the ground in front is also changing to a staircase.

It is Super Diamono's "Cheikh Anta Diop". This work was released in 1988, comparing the picture in the jacket with the landscape taken in 2016, there is no change in the structure. However, as graffiti existed in the bridge, it may have been that the security of this area changed a bit in 28 years.

It is "Hopelessly In Love" of Carol Thompson released in 1981. Compared to the scenery of only 20 years in 34 years, you can see that there are no changes in brick houses, sidewalks and roads.

It is Moody's "Early Years". This record was released in 1974, and when comparing the jacket picture with the landscape of 2015, only the fence color changes from light blue to black.

"Ice cube released in 1990" AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted ". Compared with the scenery in 2017, the color of the building on the left side of the jacket picture has changed, but there seemed to be no big change such as the shape of the road changed.

Next is "Hot Numbers Volume Two" of the compilation work. This work was released in 1971, compared with the landscape in 2015, there was not any unexpectable change from the 44th year, there were no changes except for the way the leaves appeared in the trees behind.

John Holt's "Before the Next Teardrop" released in 1976. Compared to the scenery of 2016 in 40 years, there was no particular change. As long as management is well done on the premises such as parks and plazas like "Hot Numbers Volume Two" above, it may not be big change even if many years have passed.

Next is John Holt's work "Just A Country Boy". This work was released in 1978. Compared with the landscape in 2015, you can see that the fence separating the road and sidewalks in the jacket picture has disappeared in 37 years and the number of roads is also increasing.

The last is "Berlin Dub" of High-Tec Roots Dynamics released in 1995. In the picture of the jacket, the Brandenburg gate at the time of the collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989 is used. Compared with 2018 landscape 29 years after the Berlin Wall collapse, the jacket picture is black and white, so we do not know the color change, but there was no difference in the shape of the building.

Also, the pictures taken by Mr. Alex Birch are summarized in one book, and Amazon sold it for 4005 yen including tax.

Amazon | Covers: Retracing Reggae Record Sleeves in London | Noel Hawks, Al 'Fingers' Newman, Michael Hernan, Alex Bartsch | Reggae

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