Amazon Echo Look can evaluate fashion correctly?

Amazon Echo LookIs a self-shooting camera equipped with Alexa, which features fashion checking. Mr. Kyle Chaika, a writer, purchased Echo Look to find stylish clothes that fit you. After that, he seemed to have been posing in various clothes in front of the camera, but one day I felt that "taking pictures with Echo Look is meaningless?"

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Echo Look evaluates which clothes look stylish from two different clothes photographs. Mr. Chaika who was a heavy user of Echo Look was able to understand the trend of evaluation by grasping Echo Look's "Style Check function" algorithm empirically because he was photographing a considerable number of pictures . The evaluation of the Style Check function confirmed by Mr. Chaika seems to have had the following tendency.

· It is better to unify in black rather than gray
· Roll up sleeves are more valuable than not doing anything
· The evaluation of blue jeans is very high
· Collar should stand better

When Echo Look evaluates two kinds of costumes, it shows the result in percentage such as "A clothing is 76%, B clothing is 24%". At this time, Echo Look tells us reasons and advice that scored, but Mr. Chaika feels dissatisfied that this explanation can not be understood. Actually when Echo Look evaluated Mr. Chaika's fashion, after showing the score it seems that he taught "It looks better if you styled this" or "You better change the size". However, Mr. Chaika was always confused because he did not know exactly what to do.

After that, Mr. Chaika thought that the advice pointed to by Echo Look was like "preference" of the Style Check algorithm. Mr. Chaika seems to have felt a sense of crisis in the future as people's lives will be influenced by machine preferences.

This "preference" can be thought of as a visual expression of "taste". In the past philosophers did a lot of consideration on "taste". The taste is defined as "it is a form of knowledge through pleasure, such as perceiving the flavor of food and judging the quality of things". Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben quotes the phraseologist Montesquieu of the 18th century and states that "taste enjoying beauty without a reason". Montesquieu also defines the taste as "moral ability" "ability to recognize truth and beauty" and "taste is not theoretical knowledge, it is an excellent application of the law we do not know" I will.

Mr. Chaika believes that what Montesquieu mentioned is important, "People can not quantify or measure" taste ", we just feel it." And Mr. Chaika seems to believe that replacing the taste judgment partly by an algorithm like Echo Look will deprive some of the human ability, which is undesirable.


In the past, fashion culture was controlled by magazine editors and courts. A philosopher, Roland Barthe, looked at a fashion magazine that it was written that "This year's blue is becoming a fashionable color", "Why did you lead that conclusion?" is. However, because there was no convincing evidence found anywhere, Mr. Bart stated that "style is an incomprehensible equation" and concluded that there is no basis for fashion.

Also, in the movie 'Devil Wears Prada' in 2006, Meryl Streep of the fashion magazine's editor in chief against the blue sweater worn by the main character Anne Hathaway said "The sweater is popular with my hands There is a scene to declare that it is what made me do. If this street is as good as it is, no matter what grounds it will be, "let the world think blue as a fashionable color" will work, and you will be able to force people to fashion.

Then, can Echo Look pursue objective beauty instead of the artificially created fashion and fashion? The Echo Look algorithm evaluates fashion based on purchase situation at Amazon. For example, if 83.7% of users are purchasing blue shirts, Echo Look thinks "blue is fashionable this year and blue shirts are good". In other words, instead of the editor-in-chief of the fashion magazine, Echo Look judges the trend, but we can not pursue the beauty with an objective viewpoint irrelevant to the epidemic.

Mr. Chaika said "Echo Look is trying to match the universal average rather than pursue individual style, so Mr. Chaika said" Choosing fashion by itself is safe, but I think that human choice is good Whether you think that choosing a machine is better depends on the subjectivity of the individual. "

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